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SETU will launch its new fee structure for 2024/2025, differentiating between classroom and laboratory fees. Details of what fee rate applies to which will be reflected on our fees website in due course. Note that if you commenced a multi-year program at a non-EU fee rate in or after the 2022/2023 academic year, your fees would remain consistent with the rate at the program's outset, provided you continue on the same programme. International fees for undergraduate programmes range between €13,500-€14,500 and postgraduate programmes range between €14,000-€15,000.

Entry awards & scholarships for academic excellence

Entry awards & scholarships for academic excellence

  • We will be assessing applicants to full time programmes for 2024/2025 based on entry criteria and offering entry awards. These awards range from €3,000 to €5,000, further demonstrating our commitment to supporting students in their academic journey.
  • We are launching scholarships for academic excellence aimed at identifying and supporting talented students to full time programmes. These will require a standalone application once a student receives an offer to a course.
  • Applications will be open to students from early 2024. Our goal is to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for deserving scholars from around the world.


International Fees Undergraduate Programmes

Architectural & Building Information Modelling Technology8Waterford€14500
Architectural Technology8Carlow€14500
Architectural Technology7Carlow€14500
Architectural Technology7Waterford€14500
Arts & Social StudiesLevelLocationFees
Social Science8Waterford€13500
Social Care Practice8Waterford€13500
Applied Social Care7Waterford€13500
Professional Social Care Practice8Carlow€13500
Professional Social Care Practice7Carlow€13500
Applied Social Studies in Professional Social Care8Wexford€13500
Agriculture, Horticulture & ForestryLevelLocationFees
Agricultural Science8Waterford€14500
Sustainable Farm Management & Agribusiness8Wexford€14500
Sustainable Farm Management & Agribusiness7Wexford€14500
Agricultural Systems Engineering8Carlow€14500
Agricultural Systems Engineering7Carlow€14500
Horticulture7Dublin -
Business - Common Entry8Waterford€13,500
Economics & Finance8Waterford€13,500
Human Resource Management8Waterford€13,500
Business - Common Entry (Carlow)8Carlow€13,500
International Business8Carlow€13,500
Supply Chain Management8Carlow€13,500
Business Management8Carlow€13,500
Human Resource Management8Carlow€13,500
Finance & Accounting8Carlow€13,500
Business - Common Entry (Carlow)7Carlow€13,500
International Business7Carlow€13,500
Supply Chain Management7Carlow€13,500
Business Management7Carlow€13,500
Human Resource Management7Carlow€13,500
Business - Common Entry (Wexford)8Wexford€13,500
Digital Marketing8Wexford€13,500
Business - Common Entry (Wexford)7Wexford€13,500
Digital Marketing7Wexford€13,500
Digital Marketing with Analytics8Carlow€13,500
Digital Marketing with Analytics7Carlow€13,500
Marketing & Digital Media8Waterford€13,500
International Business8Waterford€13,500
Business Information Systems8Waterford€13,500
Fashion Buying & Retail Management7Waterford€13,500
Business with Law8Carlow€13,500
Built EnvironmentLevelLocationFees
Construction Management & Engineering8Waterford€14500
Construction Management8Carlow€14500
Construction Management7Carlow€14500
Civil Engineering8Carlow€14500
Civil Engineering7Carlow€14500
Sustainable Civil Engineering8Waterford€14500
Quantity Surveying8Waterford€14500
Quantity Surveying8Carlow€14500
Set Design & Construction8Carlow€14500
Set Design & Construction7Carlow€14500
Computer Science - Common Entry8Waterford€14500
Automotive & Automation Systems8Waterford€14500
Cloud & Networks8Waterford€14500
Computer Forensics & Security8Waterford€14500
Internet of Things8Waterford€14500
Game Development8Waterford€14500
Information Technology Management8Carlow€14500
Information Technology Management7Carlow€14500
Information Technology7Waterford€14500
Computer Forensics & Security8Waterford€14500
Cybercrime & IT Security8Carlow€14500
Cybercrime & IT Security7Carlow€14500
Software Development8Carlow€14500
Software Development7Carlow€14500
Software Systems Development8Waterford€14500
Software Systems Development7Waterford€14500
Creative Computing8Waterford€14500
Creative Computing7Waterford€14500
Computing in Interactive Digital Art & Design8Carlow€14500
Computing in Interactive Digital Art & Design7Carlow€14500
Computer Games Development8Carlow€14500
Computer Games Programming7Carlow€14500
Early Years EducationLevelLocationFees
Early Childhood Education & Practice8Carlow€14500
Early Childhood Education & Practice8Wexford€14500
Early Childhood Education & Practice7Carlow€14500
Early Childhood Education & Practice7Wexford€14500
Early Childhood Care & Education8Waterford€14500
Aerospace Engineering8Carlow€14500
Aircraft Systems7Carlow€14500
Engineering - Common Entry8Waterford€14500
Automation Engineering8Waterford€14500
Sustainable Energy Engineering8Waterford€14500
Sustainable Civil Engineering8Waterford€14500
Electronic Engineering8Waterford€14500
Electrical Engineering8Waterford€14500
Electrical Engineering7Carlow€14500
Electronic Systems8Carlow€14500
Electronic Engineering7Waterford€14500
Electronic Engineering7Carlow€14500
Biomedical Electronics8Carlow€14500
Biomedical Electronics7Carlow€14500
Robotics & Automated Systems8Carlow€14500
Robotics & Automated Systems7Carlow€14500
Mechanical Engineering8Waterford€14500
Mechanical Engineering7Waterford€14500
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering8Carlow€14500
Mechanical Engineering7Carlow€14500
Manufacturing Engineering7Waterford€14500
Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary ArtsLevelLocationFees
Hospitality Management8Waterford€13500
Tourism & Hospitality Services7Waterford€13500
Tourism and Event Management8Wexford€13500
Tourism and Event Management7Wexford€13500
Culinary Arts8Waterford€13500
Law (LLB)8Waterford€13500
Law (LLB)8Carlow€13500
Criminal Justice Studies8Waterford€13500
Media, Design & MusicLevelLocationFees
TV & Media Production8Carlow€13500
TV & Media Production7Carlow€13500
Public Relations & Media8Carlow€13500
Public Relations & Media7Carlow€13500
Content Creation and Social Media8Carlow€13500
Content Creation and Social Media7Carlow€13500
Product Design Innovation8Carlow€13500
Visual Communications & Design8Wexford€13500
Visual Communications & Design7Wexford€13500
Design (Visual Communications)8Waterford€13500
Visual Art8Waterford€13500
Nursing, Health & PsychologyLevelLocationFees
Health Sciences - Common Entry (Waterford)8Waterford€14500
Public Health & Health Promotion8Waterford€14500
Applied Health Care8Waterford€14500
Applied Health Care7Waterford€14500
Science - Common Entry (Carlow)8Carlow€14500
Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals8Carlow€14500
Pharmaceutics & Drug Formulation8Carlow€14500
Brewing & Distilling8Carlow€14500
Brewing & Distilling8Carlow€14500
Science - Common Entry (Waterford)8Waterford€14500
Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science8Waterford€14500
Food Science & Innovation8Waterford€14500
Physics for Modern Technology8Waterford€14500
Pharmaceutical Science8Waterford€14500
Pharmaceutical Science8Waterford€14500
Science (General)7Waterford€14500
Food Science7Waterford€14500
Pharmaceutical Science7Waterford€14500
Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science7Waterford€14500
Analytical Science7Carlow€14500
Sport ScienceLevelLocationFees
Exercise Sciences - Common Entry8Waterford€14500
Sport & Exercise Science8Waterford€14500
Nutrition & Exercise Science8Waterford€14500
Health & Exercise Science8Waterford€14500
Sports Coaching & Performance8Waterford€14500
Sport Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy8Carlow€14500
Physiology & Health Science6Carlow€14500
Strength & Conditioning8Carlow€14500
Sport & Exercise Science8Carlow€14500

International Fees Postgraduate Programmes

Arts & Social StudiesLevelLocationFees
Master of Arts in Applied Spirituality9Dublin€14000
Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice9Waterford€14000


We are here to support and help you in making your decision to study to Ireland. As you plan to study abroad, this will be an interesting and exciting time in your life. There is no doubt that your study period abroad will bring you more than just study credits and we are here to help. If you have any queries, you can contact our office by email or phone.

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