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Waterford campuses

To apply, click the ‘apply’ button on the course webpage for the course you are interested in, complete the online application form and pay online using a credit/debit card.

Current students: you can make any outstanding payments on your student portal. 

Carlow campus

Access the student self-service portal here

Log in with your student email and password (If you haven't received or set up your student email and password, you may need to contact SETU Carlow for assistance) Complete the online registration form and continue to make a payment. 

  • Please note that we can only accept card payment - no cash payments can be accepted.

Waterford campuses

Where your fees are being paid by your employer or a sponsor apply by clicking the ‘apply’ button on the course webpage for the course you are interested in.

Complete the online application form including full details for your employer / sponsor [name, contact details etc. as set out in the online form].

Your employer/sponsor will be invoiced by SETU, and your application will be finalised when payment has been received. In this instance the payment will go against the sponsor organisation & the receipt will be sent to them. Students should be aware that 1) their name and/or student ID may be on the receipt issued to the sponsor; 2) the student is not entitled to receive a copy of the sponsors receipt and 3) if the sponsor organisation defaults on payment the student remains liable for the fees.

Carlow campus

Where a student’s fees are being paid or partially paid by an employer or a sponsor an email needs to be sent to the fee's office [email protected]. This email must originate from your employer agreeing to sponsor you. Please provide the following information:

  • The amount your employer is agreeing to pay.
  • Include student number.
  • Company name, address and nature of business
  • Contact name, title, phone number and email of the person responsible for paying the invoice.
  • If necessary, a purchase order number to complete the payment.

SETU will then invoice your employer, and the receipt will be sent to them. Students who have a recognised sponsor shall be liable for any unpaid tuition fee costs if the sponsor defaults on payment in any given teaching period.

Waterford campuses

If you wish to enquire about an instalment plan to pay your fees you can email [email protected]

Carlow campus

Lifelong learning offers structured payment plan options for programs with fees over €1000 per year. While we encourage students to pay in full during registration, we understand that it may not always be possible for everyone. If you have concerns or difficulties with your payments, it is advised to contact the fees office before your course commences. The fees office will be able to provide you with further details about the available payment plan options and assist you in finding a suitable arrangement. Rest assured that any such discussions or applications will be treated confidentially by lifelong learning.

General Fee Payment Regulations

In general, all fees should be paid in full before the commencement of the course. For the 2022/23 academic session, where courses fees are €2,290 per year, the following payment options apply:

Plan A:
Pay the full course fees of €2290 by Friday, 8 September 2023, you will be eligible for a discount of €300. This means you will only need to pay €1990 instead of the full amount.

Plan B: 
€100 to secure place
50% payment by registration date of 11 September 2023
50% on or before Friday 6 October 2023

Plan C: 
Additional cost of €40
50% payment by registration
Balance to be completed by Friday 8 December 2023

Plan D: 
Additional cost of €80
50% payment by registration
Balance to be completed by Friday 9 February 2024

Personal payment plan: 
Additional cost of €90
Payment to be made in full by Friday 3 May 2024

  • Payment plans are not available to Springboard+ applicants, or where a course is associated with an external organisation.

People pursuing level 6-8 courses may be eligible for tax relief on their fees if paying from their own income. Registered employers may also be eligible to claim relief on course fees paid for employees. Please see more information on the revenue website.  

Waterford campuses


Deferral means that a student applies to defer or postpone his/her programme or an element of it. Ordinarily students are liable for fees, however, where there are mitigating circumstances, fees may be carried over.

Mitigating circumstances include:

  • Serious medical condition or injury;
  • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or siblings or guardians;

A traumatic experience which could include but is not limited to: 
a) Personal involvement in or witnessing of a serious accident or crime
b) A serious crime committed against the person.

In order to apply for such deferrals, students must complete the mitigating circumstances form within the prescribed time period and supply the required evidence.


Where a student finds themselves in a position where they no longer wish to or are in a position to continue on their course they need to deregister from the Institute. Deregistering means that a student officially notifies the University that they are leaving their programme. Students remain liable for fees up to the date they officially withdraw from the University.

In order to de-register from the University, there is a deregistration form that must be completed. To get this form this you must email [email protected]

Before the course commences:

  •  If a student withdraws from the course and has submitted both the withdrawal form and refund form before the course commences, a full refund will be issued. The date on the withdrawal form receipt will be considered as the date of withdrawal for the student.
  • All courses run subject to sufficient numbers. Where a course does not run students will be entitled to a 100% refund of fees paid.

The course has commenced: 

  • Short courses (that consist of 36 hours of delivery or less): If a student leaves within the first two weeks of the course, they are eligible for a 70% refund. After the initial two-week period, no refund will be issued.
  • Yearly courses: A percentage of the fee refund will be offered for the first 9 weeks of the course. It is important for the student to have paid the full fee in order to be eligible for a refund. The exact refund percentages can be found in the table below.
Week of course Refund to student (based on full fee of course) 


Springboard Fees Refund Policy

  • 10% fee is non-refundable once the course has commenced.