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The Performance Sport Programme at SETU is designed specifically for students who wish to compete and succeed at the highest sporting level while pursuing a course of academic study. The programme supports high-calibre athletes striving for sporting success while providing the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, both in their sporting and academic careers. Our comprehensive Sports Scholarship programme and Rising Stars scheme has resulted in SETU athletes competing at the very top level of sport and student sport with athletes representing their country, province, county and club at major national and international sporting events including Olympic and World University Games. 

Focus Sport

SETU has five focus sports and is dedicated to giving student athletes top performance sporting experiences and competition, while also assisting them in maximising their academic and athletic potential. In addition to having world-class sports facilities in various disciplines, SETU has a solid reputation and track record at InterVarsity, regional, and national levels. The focus sports at SETU are Athletics, Basketball, GAA, Rugby and Soccer. As well as focus sports, SETU is committed to supporting athletes in a wide range of sporting disciplines. 

SETU Student Athlete Sport Policy

SETU supports student athletes by providing a personalised approach to educational, athletic and personal development. Within the University, there are a number of elite athletes pursuing education while also competing at the top level in their sport.

 SETU has been awarded an ‘Affiliate’ award by Sport Ireland which recognises, the university as a dual career friendly institution acknowledging our support for student athletes. The purpose of the Student Athlete Support Policy and associated procedures is to offer guidance for student athletes and staff regarding options available to student who wish, while in SETU, to maintain active elite participation in their sporting activity.

This policy applies to Elite athletes who are recognised as high-performance athletes by their National Governing Body (NGB) and meet the minimum requirements of the SETU Dual Careers Criteria. 

Sports Scholarships at SETU

SETU sees the growing need for gifted athletes to successfully juggle both their academic and sporting responsibilities and promotes their holistic development. The Sports Scholarship programme at SETU helps realise this aim. 

Rising Stars

The SETU Rising Stars scheme aims to acknowledge and reward students’ contribution to society by giving CAO applicants who have completed or are currently completing their Leaving Certificate or QQI FE course, the option to apply for additional points under a number of categories, including sport.