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Step-by-Step Guide to Entry Awards & Scholarships at SETU


Step 1: Apply to SETU

To be eligible for awards and scholarships, you must have received an offer for an eligible SETU programme. We strongly recommend applying for your desired programme as early as possible to ensure you receive an offer before the scholarship closing dates. This will allow you to meet the necessary requirements and increase your chances of securing a scholarship. Our team is available to assist you throughout the application process and provide guidance on scholarship opportunities.

Step 2: Automatic consideration for SETU Entry Award 

If you are offered a place on one of our programmes, you are automatically considered for an SETU Entry Award. All award decisions are made based on your submitted application materials. There is no supplementary application for these awards. This award will be reflected on your offer letter along with information on how to accept your course offer and accompanying award. 

Step 3: Review the terms and conditions of your SETU Entry Award and any open Scholarship competitions 

You can find all the terms and conditions for SETU Entry Awards and Scholarships on our website. It's important to review these requirements carefully, as applications that do not meet the outlined criteria will be automatically disqualified. In the case of multiple award or scholarship offers, only the one with the higher financial value will be granted. Please note that certain scholarships are exclusively available to self-funding candidates. You can apply for the scholarship only with your first-choice course; multiple applications for different programmes will not be considered. Finally, please be aware that the scholarship is nontransferable to other programmes. 

Step 4: Accept your course and pay your deposit

To secure your preferred course at SETU and ensure your eligibility for the awarded entry award or scholarship, it is important to accept your place and submit the required deposit. If you require additional time to make a decision beyond the deadline specified in your offer letter, please feel free to contact our admissions team. We understand the significance of this decision and are available to assist you by granting an extension if needed.

Step 5: Apply for relevant scholarships 

After receiving an offer, you will have the opportunity to apply for applicable scholarships through our dedicated applications portal. We encourage you to thoroughly review and confirm the accuracy of your application before submitting it. The assessment process will consider both your application credentials and your responses to a series of questions. The scholarship competitions are scheduled to open in early 2024, providing you with ample time to prepare and submit your application.

Step 6: Receive Scholarship Decision

Upon receiving a scholarship offer, it is important to respond promptly and accept the offer using the specified method within two weeks of the notification. If you have not already done so this will require you to accept your application and pay required deposit to secure your course place. Failure to do so will result in the scholarship being offered to the next eligible candidate on the reserve list. Please be proactive in completing the necessary actions within the given timeframe, as a non-response will be considered as declining the offer. If you choose to defer your offer or accept it after the scholarship deadline, please note that the scholarship will not be retained, and you will need to reapply in the following year.

Step 7: Keep us informed

If you intend to change your programme or defer your entry, it is important to inform us as this may have an impact on your scholarship. Please review the terms and conditions of your scholarship to understand any applicable limitations. Scholarships are awarded for specific programmes and start dates, so any changes to your plans should be communicated to ensure the appropriate adjustments are made.

Step 8: Being an International Student Ambassador

We eagerly anticipate your arrival on campus and will be organizing a special scholarship event for all successful candidates. As a scholarship recipient, we kindly request your participation as an Ambassador for SETU. This may involve engaging in student panels, focus groups, contributing to blogs, and participating in other activities as requested by SETU Global. Your role as an ambassador will help showcase the vibrant and diverse community at SETU and inspire future students.

SETU International Student Entry Awards Policy

SETU International Academic Excellence Scholarship Policy