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All new grant applications for 2023/2024 must be made online to SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) or phone 0761 087874.  If approved, SUSI will pay the student contribution on behalf of the student directly to SETU. 

For students who have paid this fee in the interim, this will be refunded by the grant's office.  For further information on grants please log onto

You will be allowed to register without paying fees once you indicate on the online registration portal that you have applied for a SUSI grant, and you provide a valid SUSI reference number.

Students who are awarded maintenance grants will have the payments made to them directly by SUSI into the bank account designated by the student.

Students who have been living in another EU Member State the EEA OR Switzerland for at least 3 of the last 5 years immediately before their programme commences, may be eligible for a grant or student contribution fees only. If a student does not qualify at the beginning of their course, it may be possible for them to meet this requirement during the course of their studies. This is reviewed at the beginning of an academic year. They will be required to provide photocopies of supporting documents such as income tax returns/ domestic bills showing residency in that country. Please see for further information.

Grants awarded under the student grant schemes are usually reviewed each year. If you held a SUSI student grant in the previous academic year and are continuing your studies on this course in the next academic year, you should login to with the username and password of your awarded grant application.

A guide to grant assistance available under these schemes is available on the HEA website. Other helpful sites are

 > 30 km from SETU Carlow< 30 km from SETU Carlow
Special Rate 100% Maintenance€6,971€2,936
Band 1 Full Maintenance€3,677€1,613
Band 2 Part Maintenance€2,717€1,221
Band 3 Part Maintenance€1,887€886
Band 4 Part Maintenance€1,051€556
Fees only/ Partial Fees Award€0€0
Grants queries

Grants queries

Our team in the grant's office is here to support you with information on applying to financial support while studying at SETU.