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Peer mentoring helps new students settle into university life. Students from Year 2 and above volunteer as peer mentors to provide support and information about the university to first year students. Peer mentors play a crucial role in supporting first year students overall well-being, academic success and integration into university life. Examples of the supports that mentors provide include:

  • Welcoming first years at orientation and helping them become familiar with the campus layout, including key locations, classrooms, the library and student support services.
  • Informing students of university services and answering any queries they may have. These queries can include questions about clubs, societies and Students Union events to exams, and anything in between!
  • Promoting a welcoming and inclusive campus environment which fosters connection, respect and understanding among all students.

 Students with P2P on their course will also be able to get involved in different dedicated P2P activities and events, along with their mentors, which will help them get to know more people across their course, department and the wider college. First year students will meet their mentors at Orientation. If any student misses this opportunity, they can contact the P2P team, who will make sure to link them with a mentor. Any first-year student that enjoys the experience of having a mentor when they start in SETU, may wish to consider volunteering with the programme themselves from second year onwards. For more information or if you are interested in becoming a P2P mentor, you can contact the P2P team at your campus.