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The SETU Study Abroad Programme (Non-Exchange) is suitable for any international student who wishes to spend either a semester or a year of their undergraduate studies at SETU. A Study Abroad Agreement must be in place between your home university and SETU.

We offer Study Abroad programmes in the following Schools:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health Science
  • Humanities
  • Science and Computing

Study Abroad students select modules, sit examinations and receive credit just like full-time SETU students. Therefore, they become fully integrated into the student body and can avail of our on-campus accommodation, join our extensive number of clubs and societies, and benefit from the excellent support provided by SETU Global.

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Study Options

A Study Abroad student must select courses that will fulfil the academic requirements of his/her home institution. Students can take up to 6 modules per semester (30 credits) and 12 modules (60 credits) for the full year. Module choice can, where possible, cross disciplines but students must take timetable and examination scheduling into consideration when making their selection. Alternatively, students can take modules associated with one specific programme.

All Study Abroad students participate in the Orientation programme, which takes place before the start of each semester.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for Study Abroad students are 2.7 GPA cum. (min) at a recognised U.S. university or college or 60% average grades at university. You may apply directly through your home institute or through the above ‘APPLY HERE’ link. We do not accept students into first or final year studies.

Study Abroad Fees

Undergraduate Study Abroad fees for International students at SETU Waterford, for the Academic year are as follows:

  • September to December (Autumn Semester) - €6,000 or €6,500 per semester
  • January to May (Spring Semester) - €6,000 or €6,500 per semester
  • September to May (Full Academic year) - €11,500 or €12,000 for full academic year
  • September to August (Full Academic year plus Work Placement in the summer months) - €13,000 or 13,500 (currently only offered under the Engineering stream)
  • January to December (Full Academic year plus Work Placement in the Summer months) - €13,000 or €13,500 currently only offered under the Engineering stream)
  • Summer Months (Work Placement Option - €1,500, currently only offered under the Engineering stream)

Please note: the full Study Abroad tuition fee will be refunded to a student, if the student is refused their visa. Documentary evidence of the refusal must be provided to SETU Global.


Please contact our Study Abroad Co-Ordinator Ms. Linda McGrath, who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Email: [email protected]

Please contact our Pathway Co-ordinator Laura Brennan, who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Email: [email protected]