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Our team are here to support students throughout their journey in SETU. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed at times by all the adjustments you have to make when you first go to college or during your course. Members of the team are available to meet students to discuss issues which may be impacting on their experience in the University. We work with students on a wide variety of issues, including both personal and academic concerns. Issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Not sure if you’re on the right course
  • Thinking of leaving your course/deregistering
  • Taking some time out from your course/deferring
  • Struggling with college work
  • Changing course
  • Other challenges

The team aims to pay attention to the whole student (e.g. personal, social, academic) in providing support and helpful referrals within the University and with external agencies. We encourage you to contact us with any issues or questions you might have. All support is private & confidential and offered in an understanding environment.

General Student Support

T: 051 834 095

E: [email protected]

Student Engagement & Retention

E: [email protected]

General Student Support Carlow

T: 059 917 5600

E: [email protected]

General Student Support Wexford

T: 053 918 5802

E: [email protected]