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Embark on a transformative educational journey at South East Technological University (SETU) and unlock the myriad advantages of studying in Ireland's dynamic academic environment. Ireland has firmly positioned itself as a global centre for education and innovation, making SETU a compelling choice for your academic endeavours.

A nation of excellence: Ireland's impressive educational and economic achievements have earned it a prominent place on the world stage. Renowned global companies have chosen Ireland as their headquarters, showcasing the nation's economic prowess. Notably, Ireland secured the 2nd position in the prestigious 2023 IMD World Competitive Rankings, underscoring its commitment to progress and global competitiveness.

Innovation and education excellence: Ireland's innovation capabilities shine, placing it as a global powerhouse. The Bloomberg Innovation Index ranks Ireland 1st globally for manufacturing capability and 2nd for productivity. Furthermore, the country holds the 17th spot in global innovation rankings, fostering an environment where creativity and advancement thrive.

Job satisfaction and educational attainment: Ireland's holistic approach to student development is evident in its high job satisfaction rate, with 9 in 10 individuals' content with their personal and work-life balance. The nation's dedication to education is exemplified by its 3rd place ranking in the OECD for third-level education attainment, highlighting the excellence of its academic offerings.

SETU - your gateway to excellence: South East Technological University serves as a gateway to excellence, where cutting-edge education and abundant opportunities converge. With multiple campuses, including Carlow, Waterford, and Wexford, SETU's dynamic ecosystem fosters a vibrant student lifestyle in communities that prioritize academic growth.

Global network: SETU's commitment to internationalisation is evident through its diverse campus, welcoming students from 112 nationalities. The university's global network spans over 300 institutions across 45 countries, offering extensive global mobility opportunities for both students and staff. Partnering with international universities, SETU provides dual-degree and pathway programs that offer a truly global perspective.

Thriving research ecosystem: SETU's research prowess is reflected in its substantial research expenditure, with a commitment to increase it to €27.5 million by 2028. The university's partnerships with industry, research agreements, and innovative centres such as ArcLabs and ERIC create a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation.

Remarkable expansion: SETU is on an extraordinary trajectory of growth, aiming to exceed 21,000 student enrolments and welcome 400 Ph.D. students by 2028. This expansion aligns with our commitment to a thriving community and is accompanied by a substantial 43% increase in our campus size, underlining our unwavering dedication to providing state-of-the-art facilities for our growing student body.

Affordable and accessible: Studying at SETU not only offers top-tier education but also an affordable experience. Ireland's "stay back visa" programme allows international students to work full-time after their studies, enhancing their post-graduation opportunities. With fees up to 40% lower than some counterparts in the United Kingdom and a cost of living that is 30% less than Ireland’s capital, Dublin, SETU provides an exceptional value.