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What is the Course about?

The agri-food sector is one of Ireland's most important indigenous manufacturing sectors, accounting for employment of around 150,000 people. It includes approximately 600 food and drinks firms throughout the country that export 85% of our food and seafood to more than 160 countries worldwide.

This programme focuses on agricultural science, agribusiness, agricultural engineering and agricultural systems. Students will develop knowledge in areas such as sensing technology, electro-pneumatics, electro-hydraulics, automation, Agribusiness, management, marketing and product pricing.

It is also envisaged that graduates of this programme will have Young Trained Farmer status.

Special Features:

  • Dual campus delivery between Wexford and Carlow Campuses - Hybrid blend of B. Eng. Across Agriculture and Engineering Disciplines
  • Practical emphasis through specialised laboratory and Workshop interaction focusing on Robotics, automation, and software application to Agriculture Engineering Systems.

Year 1

Module Name Semester
Applied Physics for Agriculture 1 (M) Semester1
Engineering Mathematics 1 (M) Semester1
Mechatronics for Agriculture (M) Semester1
Principles of Crop Production (M) Semester1
AgriBusiness Management (M) Semester2
Agricultural Design and Mechanisation (M) Semester2
Engineering Mathematics 2 (M) Semester2
Ruminant Animal Production (M) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Module Name Semester
Agricultural Marketing I (M) Semester1
Applied Physics for Agriculture 2 (M) Semester1
Concepts in Soil Science (M) Semester1
Engineering Mathematics 3 (M) Semester1
Manufacturing and CAD (M) Semester1
Agricultural Micro Economics (M) Semester2
Automation and PLC's for Agricultural Systems (M) Semester2
Engineering Mathematics 4 (M) Semester2
Materials Science in Engineering (M) Semester2
Sustainable Cropping Systems (M) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Module Name Semester
Agricultural Design, Simulation and Analysis (M) Semester1
Agricultural Marketing II (M) Semester1
Applied Soil Science (M) Semester1
Engineering Mathematics 5 (M) Semester1
Precision Agriculture (M) Semester1
Industrial Studies (M) Semester2
Work Placement (M) Semester2
Advanced PLCs (E) Semester2
Development Project (Engineering) (E) Semester2
Introduction to Systems and Control (E) Semester2
Process Instrumentation (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 4

Module Name Semester
Industrial Networks (M) Semester1
Materials Engineering (M) Semester1
Research Project (Engineering) (M) Semester1
Agribusiness Strategic Analysis (E) Semester1
Crop Protection Science (E) Semester1
Farm Animal Health and Welfare (E) Semester1
Rural Entrepreneurship (E) Semester1
Dynamics Vibration Control (M) Semester2
Professional Studies (M) Semester2
Sustainable Energy (M) Semester2
Advanced Agronomy (E) Semester2
Agribusiness Strategic Advantage (E) Semester2
Animal product quality (E) Semester2
Arable Fodder Crops (E) Semester2
Environmentally Sustainable Food Systems (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

What are the minimum entry requirements?

2H5 & 4O6/H7
English or Irish O6/H7
Mathematics O6/H7

What will I be able to do when I finish the course?

The main employment areas are as follows:

  • Design of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Control System Design
  • Agri systems testing and maintenance
  • Advising the agrifood industry
  • Design of agricultural/food processing infrastructural works