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What is the Course about?

Agribusiness is one of Ireland's most important indigenous industries and continues to evolve to be more sustainable in the production of clean, safe food for a growing population. This honours degree course will equip students with both the practical and academic skills that are essential for agribusinesses to succeed. The modules studied will deliver a broad range of skills in the business, science and technical aspects of modern day agriculture, with an emphasis on the sustainability of the agricultural industry.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness is run over four years, during which time students will learn in the classroom, the laboratory and in the field. Modules for Young Trained Farmer' status are delivered in the first two years while professional work placement takes place in Year 3.

Is this course for you?

If you are interested in the science that drives food production from farm to fork', then the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness will help you cultivate these interests so that you can reap the rewards of the agri-food industry.

Special Features:

  • Young Trained Farmer Status with exit award after Year 2.
  • Unique blend of classroom, laboratory and field-based learning.
  • Professional Work Placement during Semester 6 of Year 3.
  • Exit Award: Higher Certificate in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness (NFQ Level 6) after Year 2 and Exit award - Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness (NFQ Level 7).

Year 1

Module Name Semester
Academic and Personal Skills Development (M) Semester1
Applied Physics and Chemistry (M) Semester1
Basic Mathematics (M) Semester1
Farm Health and Safety (M) Semester1
Principles of Crop Production (M) Semester1
Agribusiness Management (M) Semester2
Animal and Plant Biology (M) Semester2
Farm Mechanisation and Regulations (M) Semester2
Introduction to ITC for Agriculture (M) Semester2
Ruminant Animal Production (M) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Module Name Semester
Agricultural Microbiology (M) Semester1
Applied ICT in Agriculture (M) Semester1
Concepts in Soil Science (M) Semester1
Farm Financial Accounting (M) Semester1
Genetics and Breeding (M) Semester1
Agricultural Marketing I (M) Semester2
Agricultural Micro Economics (M) Semester2
Animal Nutrition_Semesterisation (M) Semester2
Concepts in Sustainable Agriculture (M) Semester2
Sustainable Cropping Systems (M) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Module Name Semester
Agricultural Macro Economics (M) Semester1
Agricultural Marketing II (M) Semester1
Alternative Food Systems (M) Semester1
Applied Soil Science (M) Semester1
Farm Buildings and Regulations (M) Semester1
Research Skills (M) Semester1
Preparation and Practice for Work Placement (M) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 4

Module Name Semester
Agribusiness Strategic Analysis (M) Semester1
Crop Protection Science (M) Semester1
Farm Animal Health and Welfare (M) Semester1
Farm Business and Agri Food Law (M) Semester1
Rural Entrepreneurship (M) Semester1
Advanced Agronomy (M) Semester2
Agribusiness Strategic Advantage (M) Semester2
Dissertation (M) Semester2
Environmentally Sustainable Food Systems (M) Semester2
Animal product quality (E) Semester2
Arable Fodder Crops (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

What are the minimum entry requirements?

  • 2H5 and 4O6/H7?
  • English or Irish O6/O7
  • Mathematics O6/O7

What will I be able to do when I finish the course?

The course equips students with both practical and academic skills that can be applied in the agricultural industry, from managing a farm to managing customers and clients in the agribusiness.

Potential employment areas include:

  • Private or State Farm Advisory services
  • Agribusiness Graduate Programmes
  • Farm Management.