South East Technological University aims to be a beacon for knowledge, partnerships and ideas in the south east of Ireland.

However, we can only achieve this by drawing on diverse insights and different outlooks. Every year, we welcome students, researchers and staff from all over the world. We are committed to being an institution with an international outlook and global reach.

A multicultural community

Our community is proudly diverse. Our students and staff bring different perspectives and experiences to our discussions and our work, and help to establish SETU as a place that can make a global impact.

We welcome applicants for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our students come from both inside and outside the EU.

Global partnerships

We want you to be able to experience the wonders of Ireland, while learning in a way that is inspiring and transferable. We have built partnerships with 100 universities across the EU, including programmes for Erasmus exchange students. If you are based in Ireland, you also have the opportunity to spend time studying at one of our partner universities across the EU.

Find out more about our global partnerships and opportunities:

International Study at SETU Waterford

Our Waterford campus has been building links with international students for decades, with more than 100 partner universities across the EU. Find out more about how we plan to build on our international connections.

International Study at SETU Carlow

For more than 50 years, we have been helping students from all over the world develop their skills, as well as their confidence and global mindset. Discover how we have built a supportive international community in Carlow.