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What is the Course about?

Supply Chain is the management of any combination of processes, functions, activities, relationships, and pathways along which products, services, information, and financial transactions move in and between enterprises. It also involves any, and all, movement of these from original producer to the ultimate end-user or consumer. Doing all of the above in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is now a key supply chain consideration.

Course Structure

Students who choose the Supply Chain Management option at Year 3 will study a range of specialist subjects in more detail.

Is this course for you?

If you are a team player, have strong communications skills, have an interest in how business is transacted and feel you would like to make an impact in the work you do, then a career in supply chain management might be for you.

Special Features:

  • Work Placement is an integral part of the course in Year 3.
  • Maximum flexibility enabling students to choose a speciality after Year 2.
  • Exit Awards:Higher Certificate in Business (NFQ Level 6) after Year 2.

Year 1

Module Name Semester
Business Financial Accounting 1 (M) Semester1
IT for Business (M) Semester1
Microeconomics (M) Semester1
Quantitative Techniques 1 – Data Analysis (M) Semester1
Communications and Academic Writing (E) Semester1
French I (E) Semester1
German I (E) Semester1
Business Financial Accounting 2 (M) Semester2
Business Law (M) Semester2
Macroeconomics (M) Semester2
Management (M) Semester2
Quantitative Techniques 2 - Business Mathematics (M) Semester2
Business Psychology 1 (E) Semester2
French II (E) Semester2
German II (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Module Name Semester
Business Applications 3 (M) Semester1
Business Law (M) Semester1
Human Resource Management 1 (M) Semester1
Introduction to Marketing (M) Semester1
Business Psychology 2 (E) Semester1
French III (E) Semester1
Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 (E) Semester1
German III (E) Semester1
Business Management Accounting (M) Semester2
Contemporary Marketing Practice (M) Semester2
Macroeconomy of Ireland (M) Semester2
Supply Chain Management (M) Semester2
Business Applications 4 (E) Semester2
French IV (E) Semester2
Human Resource Management 2 (E) Semester2
Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 (E) Semester2
German IV (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Module Name Semester
Business Finance (M) Semester1
ERP System Applications (M) Semester1
Inventory and Materials Management (M) Semester1
Operations Management for the Supply Chain (M) Semester1
Purchasing and Supplier Management and Negotiation (M) Semester1
Work Placement (M) Semester2
Business Information Systems 3 (E) Semester2
Business Internship Project (E) Semester2
Corporate Finance for Business (E) Semester2
French IV (E) Semester2
Industrial Relations 2 (E) Semester2
Organisational Behaviour 2 (E) Semester2
The Global Economy 2 (E) Semester2
German IV (E) Semester2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

What are the minimum entry requirements?

  • 5O6/H7
  • English or Irish O6/H7
  • Mathematics O6/H7

What follow-on study opportunities are available?

Graduates are elligble to proceed to Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Supply Chain Management (NFQ Level 8) year 4.

What exemptions will I receive?




What will I be able to do when I finish the course?

Graduates of this course may find employment in many sectors in a variety of roles, including: Supply
Chain Manager; Operations Manager; Retail Manager, Distribution Manager; Procurement Manager, Logistics Manager and Consultancy to name a few. Supply Chain is at the forefront of the Internet of Things and therefore presents many opportunities for those with an interest in technology. Interacting and negotiating with suppliers and customers and contributing to project management as members of cross-functional teams are also key areas of career opportunity.


Course Leader

Ms Sharon Harris Byrne

Associate Lecturer -

Email: [email protected]