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What is the Course about?

A Business Marketing Degree explores how organisations identify and meet their customers' needs in a competitive and changing world. Marketing is practiced around the world in every type of organisation including multi-nationals, local enterprises, political parties, charities, sporting organisations and small businesses and includes diverse disciplines such as: advertising; sales; brand design; customer psychology; market research; product development. With a wide range of electives to select from, work placement or study abroad options in year 3, and project-based assessment, this is an exciting and flexible degree for anyone interested in business & marketing.

Course Structure

Years 1 & 2 focus on general business modules with introductory modules in Marketing.Year 3 allows you to specialise in your Marketing discipline with modules focusing on sales & retail; advertising; services; event management & sustainability; market research & consumer psychology.Year 3 also includes a marketing work placement or study abroad semester.On successful completion of year 3 you have the option to complete one more year for an honours degree (Level 8) - Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing.

Is this course for you?

If you are interested in a career where every day is different and a college degree where you will develop a customer-focused mindset with an emphasis on analytical & creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills, then the Bachelor of Business in Marketing is the course for you.It allows you to develop your business and marketing knowledge & skills before considering progression to an honours degree.

Special Features:

  • Emphasis on professional practice throughout the course, including project-based assessments and working with client organisations to devise creative marketing solutions.Year 3 also includes a semester long work placement or study abroad option.
  • Industry guest speakers bring the experience of marketing professionals and latest developments right into the classroom.
  • All students, regardless of the original option choice, will be permitted to change their selection at the end of Year 2 and confirm their specialism for Year 3.
  • Recognised by employers as developing career-focused marketers.

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Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
Business Financial Accounting 1 (M) Business Financial Accounting 2 (M)
IT for Business (M) Macroeconomics (M)
Microeconomics (M) Management (M)
Quantitative Techniques 1 – Data Analysis (M) Quantitative Techniques 2 - Business Mathematics (M)
Communications and Academic Writing (E) Business Psychology 1 (E)
French I (E) French II (E)
German I (E) German II (E)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Semester 3 Semester 4
Business Applications 3 (M) Business Management Accounting (M)
Business Law (M) Contemporary Marketing Practice (M)
Human Resource Management 1 (M) Macroeconomy of Ireland (M)
Introduction to Marketing (M) Supply Chain Management (M)
Business Psychology 2 (E) Business Applications 4 (E)
French III (E) French IV (E)
Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 (E) Human Resource Management 2 (E)
German III (E) Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 (E)
German IV (E)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Semester 5 Semester 6
Business Finance (M) Work Placement (E)
Business English 1 (E) Business English 2 (E)
French V (E) Sales Management(E)
German V (E) Strategic Service and CX Excellence (E)
Integrated Marketing Communications (M) Study Semester Abroad (E)
Market and Customer Insights (M) Marketing Internship Project (E)
Marketing for Services (E) New Product Innovation (E)
Professional Selling (E)
Shopper Category Management (E)
Sustainable Marketing (E)
Consumer Psychology and Behaviour (M)
Event Management (E)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

What are the minimum entry requirements?

  • 5O6/H7
  • English or Irish O6/H7
  • Mathematics O6/H7

What follow-on study opportunities are available?

Graduates who achieve a minimum pass degree are eligible to apply to year 4 of the BBs (Honours) in Marketing at SETU Carlow and may have opportunities to apply to similar add-on degree programmes in other institutions.

What exemptions will I receive?




What will I be able to do when I finish the course?

In addition to going straight into the workplace to pursue a career in Marketing, graduates can also apply to complete the BBs (Honours) in Marketing at SETU Carlow (one year add-on honours degree).


Course Leader

Ms Una Grant

Lecturer -

Call: +353599175369

Email: [email protected]