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Digital Media is now an integrated partof all areas of the digital landscape.Covering areas from traditional graphicdesign and web and digital media,but also now a key skill in all forms ofmarketing, business and data analysis.

Technology and its seamlessintegration into our lives has nowcaused an increased need for welldesigned information and assets,delivered in a bespoke, market focusedformat.

Analytics, and information and theuse of data, is now a major role in thedigital landscape. Understanding data,retrieval, processing and presentationof data is a highly sought after skillset,across many if not all areas of businessworld.

This programme aims to marry thesetwo skills together, and create a learnerthat is highly skilled in the area ofDigital Media Design with an in-depthknowledge of Business Analytics.

The graduate will possess the abilityand key skills needed to engage, create,and communicate information to aconsumer driven market.

What subjects will I study?

  • Digital Media Design
  • Information Design
  • Digital Media Applications
  • Programming for Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Research Methods
  • Placement or Research Project

Entry Requirements

Applications are welcomed from a wide range of designand analytics related disciplines. Candidates are soughtfrom the areas of Design, Creative Arts, Computing, TV &Media, Business, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics &Data Science.

All applicants will need to have a Level 8 honours degree with 30 ECTS credits in a design/digital related subject/module.

Applicants may be called for interview.

Study & Career Opportunities

The digital industry in Ireland iscurrently top three growth areasin Ireland, this sector is one of thecountrys most prevalent employers.Graduates from SETU Carlow will enter amarket that is fast paced and growingexponentially. Alongside being highlysought after at a local and national,graduates will be skilled and equippedto travel the world and work in variousdynamic and digital industries.

Graduates will seek employmentacross the digital landscape. This willinclude areas of design, innovationand business analytics. Graduates withdesign and development skills backedup with in-depth data analytical skills,possess a combination of practical andtheoretical skills that now make themhighly sought after.

In addition, employers recognise themerits of diverse skills in programming,strategy, business, research andinnovation, all of which are developedwhilst studying for the MSC in DigitalMedia with Business Analytics.Graduates of the MSc in Digital Mediawith Business analytics can take upemployment in areas such as:

  • Digital Media
  • UI/UX Development
  • Web and interface design and development
  • App design and development
  • Data analyst
  • Data visualisation
  • Business innovation
  • Design innovation
  • Social media content development
  • Social media management and consultation
  • Marketing content development, management and consultation
  • Digital content management
  • Project management.