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The Office of Research, Innovation and Impact invites early career PhD holders for a 24-month Postdoctoral Fellowship to be funded under the TU RISE (Research and Innovation Supporting Enterprise) programme. A maximum of 10 Postdoctoral Fellowships will be funded. 

The overall purpose of this Postdoctoral Fellowship programme is to provide Postdoctoral Fellows with dedicated research time to engage with enterprise and develop new, innovative research projects of relevance to the region and in line with European Regional Development Funding Policy (ERDF). This includes spending a 12-week placement in a regional or national enterprise with the primary intention of bringing new knowledge to the region. This call focuses on early career researchers who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills, and collaborate effectively with industry. To ensure research excellence, applicants should focus on forward thinking and harnessing pioneering ideas addressing the Green, Digital and Health agendas.

Key Details

  • Applicants must be PhD holders with a maximum of 5 years postdoctoral experience (since July 30th 2019) or at a minimum have successfully defended the PhD viva and completed any thesis corrections.
  • All applications must be sent to [email protected] by 5pm on 31st July 2024
  • TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowships will commence on 1 January 2025 and will be of 24-months duration
TU RISE Ethos and Managing Success

TU RISE Ethos and Managing Success

The TU RISE ethos constitutes an ambitious, ethical, talent-orientated pursuit of research excellence and impact. This is achieved by implementing a best practice approach in leadership, enterprise collaborations and transferable skills development, underpinned by ongoing programme monitoring.

Training Programme

Training Programme

A primary focus of TU RISE is to innovate, drive knowledge transfer between academia and enterprise, resulting in high quality, impactful scholarly publications, and successful research grant submissions. Fellows will receive bespoke training in discipline specific and transferable skills and will be encouraged to develop broader skills relating to research engagement and impact, governance and integrity, industry collaboration, data management and organisation, and personal effectiveness.

Programme Details

  1. To broaden Fellows’ research knowledge and experience and to facilitate career movement across sectors, thus, opening attractive career opportunities both inside and outside of academia.
  2. To develop and enable Fellows’ transferable and entrepreneurship skills.
  3. To diversify Fellows’ individual competencies in areas including open research, grant writing and sustainability.
  4. To conduct ethical and responsible research addressing Green, Digital and Health agendas.

The tables below provide salary details, travel expenses and open access
publication costs.


 Gross Salary/annum (€) PRSI @ 11.05% ()Employer's Pension @ 20% (€)Total (€)
Year 146,4475,1329,28960,869
Year 247,6945,2709,53962,504

Travel Costs

Year 1Travel Expenses for Fellows€2,500 per annum
Year 2Travel Expenses for Fellows€2,500 per annum

Publication Costs

Year 1Open Access Costs€4,000 per annum
Year 2Open Access Costs€4,000 per annum


Consumable Costs

Year 1Lab-based€5,000 per annum
Year 2Lab-based€5,000 per annum
Year 1Non-Lab-based€2,500 per annum
Year 2Non-Lab-based €2,500 per annum

Fellows will produce a personal career development plan with their supervisors
which is updated throughout the programme, as needed. Training will include building
leadership skills and personal competencies as part of the Broaden Your Horizons
programme, below. Bespoke training and workshops designed to aid the Fellow in
their research funding applications and management will be offered. These courses
will be held over the year and include:

  1. Research integrity and ethics (compulsory).
  2. Grant writing (compulsory).
  3. Grant management.
  4. Engaged research and impact case study training (compulsory).
  5. Data management plan preparation.
  6. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of open research principles and
  7. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of skills related to Equality, Diversity, and
  8. Inclusion (EDI), including gender considerations in research.
  9. Enterprise readiness, entrepreneurship & commercialisation, including intellectual
    property (IP).
  10. Relevant European policy (including Do No Significant Harm).

Applicants must:

  1. Be a PhD holder (have successfully defended the PhD viva and completed any thesis corrections)
  2. Have completed a maximum of 5 years Postdoctoral experience.
  3. Be of any nationality.
  4. Be fluent in written and spoken English.
  5. Be eligible to work in Ireland.
  6. Find supervisors. (Eligible SETU supervisors can be found on the SETU webpage).

    The deadline for TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowship enquiries is 5pm on 15 July 2024

Application Process:

  1. Find SETU and industry supervisors with whom the proposal must be prepared. Complete the Application Form. Please refer to the SETU Ethics application and requirements here  and also the Ethics Self-Assessment Form here.
  2. Complete the Applicant CV.
  3. Complete the Supervisor CV.
  4. Complete a written proposal (maximum 10-pages). Note: attaching a Gantt chart
    discussing the planning processes and time allocation of the research project is advised.
  5. Submit an electronic copy of the completed application. The email subject line should
    include the applicant’s name, followed by the title of the TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  6. The application comprises the following:
    1. Proposal, which must be signed by both the SETU and Industry supervisors.
    2. Postdoctoral Fellow CV.
    3. SETU Supervisor CV.
    4. All the documents must be submitted in one pdf document and emailed to [email protected] .

The application deadline is 5pm on 31 July 2024

An application will not be accepted if:

  1. It is submitted after the deadline. 
  2. It exceeds the specified word count and(or) page limit and(or) is not completed on the templates provided. 
  3. It has not been pre-screened and endorsed by the relevant supervisors.

Applications will be evaluated by external experts. Each proposal will be scored out of
100 on four criteria (outlined in call document). 

Applicants must achieve a minimum threshold of 75% of the total marks available and at least 50% of the available marks for each criterion. Proposals which meet this threshold will then be ranked and on the basis of overall scores, applicants will be shortlisted and invited to an interview.

This virtual 30-minute interview will comprise a 10-minute project presentation to the
interview panel. After the presentation, the candidate will answer some questions
regarding their motivation and suitability for the TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowship
scheme. Candidates will be notified of the interview outcome within seven working

SETU is a signatory to the San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA). As such, SETU is aligning its review and evaluation processes with DORA principles. To this end, all types of research output are recognised by SETU, and we are committed to assessing the quality and impact of research through means other than journal impact factors. In addition, a DORA-compliant CV comprises part of the application form for this programme. Furthermore, in the spirit of supporting open research, evaluators will positively consider where there is a commitment to making data and other types of research open and accessible.

For a full breakdown of the evaluation criteria and scoring please consult page 12 of the call document.

Programme Documents

SETU TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024 Call Document External Link
Postdoctoral Fellowship Supervisor CV DOC 266.947 KB
Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicant CV DOC 289.428 KB
Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal form DOC 692.589 KB
Frequently Asked Questions Postdoctoral Fellowship DOC 27.014 KB
TU RISE Postdoctoral Fellowship Ethics Self assessment DOC 27.938 KB