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What is the Course about?

The creative industries of film and TV production, theatre, and events management are areas of considerable growth.

This new degree is aimed at applicants who would like to work as part of the team who design and build film, theatre and TV sets.

The programme aims to provide the film, television and wider creative industry alongside music and cultural festival promoters with set design and construction professionals, equipped with a clear understanding of the present and future needs of the industry. Graduates will have a clear sense of set design and construction knowhow, ensuring that they will be equipped with the attributes to keep pace with the fast and ever-changing technological advancements in the sector.

Fourth year of the BSC (Hons) in Set Design and Construction also allows for a deeper exploration of new technologies in set design and construction by examining the world of virtual production.

Course Structure

Our course is built around helping you to develop the key skills to become a valuable member of the design and construction teams for film, television, and events, in the creative industries. You will develop a good understanding of the production pipeline from initial stages through to post-production. You will acquire proficiency in sketching, Computer Aided Design, and an understanding of the principles of design that underpin art direction and construction for the audio-visual industries. You will learn about new technologies and software used in the industries. A unique element of this course is the concentration on the virtual environment for film and television production in year four. You will learn about the legal and health and safety frameworks employed in production. You will develop the key Project Management Skills in the areas of planning, organising and co-ordinating and an understanding of the lifecycle of film and television projects.

We believe in Learning by Doing. In addition to lectures, we place a strong emphasis on practical work. You will develop your skills through working on individual and team projects that are focussed on real-world situations. This will enable you to improve your critical problem-solving and analytical skills. You will also gain experience from leading-edge expertise and software as used in the creative industries.

Students of this programme are given the opportunity to either participate in a semester long project in conjunction with The George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow, do a 6-9-month work placement or participate in an Erasmus placement.

Is this course for you?

Are you a creative person who welcomes the challenge of working on collaborative projects? Do you enjoy art, woodwork, drawing, and wish to be part of a team bringing ideas of scale to life? Do you want to learn the secrets of set design and construction, e.g., making building blocks and statues out of polystyrene and plaster? Do you want to work in a vibrant, growing industry with lots of opportunities across Ireland and globally? If so, then the BSc in Set Design and Construction may be the course for you.


The programme may also provide upskilling opportunities for those existing set designers who would like to formalise their acquired skills and knowledge or who would like to learn more about modern design and drawing packages.

This too may be a useful path to upskill existing carpenters who would like to join the set construction workforce.

Special Features:

  • This course is supported by Screen Ireland, Screen Producers Ireland and the Art Directors Guild of Ireland.
  • A strong commitment to Learning by Doing where theory and lectures are combined with practical individual and team-based projects which allow you to tackle real design and construction challenges.
  • Training in leading edge technology and software for the creative industries to ensure that you are work ready on completion of your degree.
  • Unique concentration on virtual production and the virtual environment for film and television production.
  • Industrial placement which allows you to learn and develop in an industrial setting and make vital contacts to help progress your career.
  • Excellent career prospects in an expanding creative environment.

Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
Design Software and Information Technology 1 (M) Wood Craft and Model Making 2 (M)
Introduction to Set Design and Production (M) Design Software BIM and Information Technology 2 (M)
Technical Drawing and Sketching (M) Film and Television Design Contexts (M)
Theatre Design Contexts (M) Materials Technology (M)
Wood Craft and Model Making 1 (M) Set Design, Drawing and Painting For Stage (M)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Semester 3 Semester 4
Design Software BIM and Information Technology 3 (M) Design Software BIM and Information Technology 4 (M)
History of Architecture and Services (M) Film and TV Design and Production (M)
Set Construction, Measurement and Structures (M) Material Culture (M)
Set Design and Props For Film & TV (M) Set Construction 2 (M)
Technical Production Design (M)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Semester 5 Semester 6
Set Construction 3 (M) Health, Safety and Risk Management in the Film Industry (M)
Health, Safety and Rigger Awareness (M) Integrated Project (E)
Site Specific Set Design & Virtual Worldmaking (M) Work Placement in Set Design, Construction and Management (E)
Visual Language (M)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 4

Semester 7 Semester 8
Creative Project 1 (M) Creative Project 2 (M)
Enterprise and Professional Practice (M) Set Construction 5 (M)
Set Construction 4 (M) The Virtual Environment 2 (M)
Sustainable Filmmaking (M)
The Virtual Environment 1 (M)

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

What are the minimum entry requirements?

  • 2H5 & 4O6/H7
  • English or Irish O6/H7
  • Mathematics O6/H7

Learners on recognised PLC programmes with similar disciplines like art or filmmaking who wish to specialise in theatre and film set design may seek to transfer onto this programme.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is considered for all mature applicants, and each is assessed on an individual basis. Recognition of prior learning will determine eligibility and entry procedures.

What follow-on study opportunities are available?


What exemptions will I receive?

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is considered for all mature applicants, and each is assessed on an individual basis. Recognition of prior learning will determine eligibility and entry procedures.


This is a new programme created to meet the needs to fill required set design and construction positions in a rapidly growing film and TV production market.

What will I be able to do when I finish the course?

Career prospects are excellent for those working in the Creative Industries. Many new film studios are being built across the country that will see a strong demand for design and construction crew. Skilled film and TV crew members are needed across a wide range of projects both in Ireland and abroad. You can expect to work in one of the following areas:

Art Direction, Set Design, Prop-making, Construction Coordinator, Visual Effects Coordinator, Festival/Event Management, Production Management, Production and Post-Production Supervision

Work in design and construction for the creative industries towards the delivery of high-end feature film and television drama productions and events.

Work with Production Designers and Art Directors - working as a crew member in the Art Department on the sets of film and television productions in a variety of roles, i.e., set dresser, property buyer, property master, assistant art director.

Work with Post-Production Supervisors - working between the art department, construction, and post-production on the delivery of visual, virtual, and special effects environments on film and television or large event projects.

Work as a prop maker or specialist set design and construction crew member for projects in film, television, advertising, and events.


Course Leader

Ms Paula Mulroe

Assistant Lecturer -

Call: +353599175493

Email: [email protected]