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While some students pack their bags and head to university alone, Waterford sisters and podcasting duo are “closer than ever” after both graduated on Friday, 03 November with the same degree from South East Technological University (SETU).

"Coming home and telling my family how great the course was certainly impacted Aobha – who was studying for her Leaving Certificate at the time." Alannah Owens

Alannah and Aobha Owens, from Tramore, Co Waterford, graduated with a BA (Hons) in Marketing & Digital Media from SETU.

Known for their lifestyle podcast ‘Nothing That Concerns You’, both sisters believe that studying the same course was “a massive help – despite how cringe it may sound.”

Beginning her third-level journey in architecture technology, the older of the two sisters, Alannah, soon shifted her focus to digital marketing after coming to what she describes as the “heartbreaking” realisation that the discipline wasn’t for her. Searching for a new career direction, Alannah applied for a digital media night course – a move that confirmed that this was the right path for her.

A flying start

“I loved it from the first day,” said Alannah. “Coming home and telling my family how great the course was certainly impacted Aobha – who was studying for her Leaving Certificate at the time. Fast forward to September and we were both freshers in the BA (Hons) in Marketing and Digital Media programme at SETU.”

SETU’s BA (Hons) in Marketing and Digital Media is a four-year course which prepares students for marketing and media employment in a digital-dominated space. The course provides students with a wide variety of skills while maintaining a solid base in important business subjects such as management, organisational behaviour, and economics.

With Alannah now plying her trade as a marketing executive and Aobha working for Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), both fondly remember their college years: “At first it felt a little strange because she was over two years older than me but I’m so glad it worked out so well,” said Aobha.

She continued: “The degree not only brought us so much closer but encouraged us to work together after our time at SETU.”


Alannah added: “We knew we were going to miss spending time together when began our professional journeys. That’s why we created the ‘Nothing That Concerns You’ podcast where chat with each other – just like we did in The Gallery canteen at SETU or at home after university.”

Though working apart, their career goals remain remarkably similar with both sisters displaying the same sense of pragmatism and self-assurance: “I feel I’m quite ambitious and I want to be proud of my achievements,” said Aobha. “Having said that, I’ve learned that what is most important is to be happy in your job, your day-to-day life.”