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Hosted by lecturer Rob O’Connor, the podcast dives into what’s involved in research, highlighting some of the work being carried out by researchers in SETU.

In this episode we talk about Science Week and the SURE Network. Science Week is a national initiative supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to promote science and scientific enquiry among the entire population. The SURE Network is a group that enhances practice in scientific disciplines at Undergraduate levels across Ireland. Both of these initiatives aim to make science more accessible for people away from the post-graduate sphere.

The panel is made up of Sheila Donegan from SETU’s CALMAST group (working directly on Science Week), Claire Lennon who works with the SURE Network and Emma Kearney, a recent SETU graduate who took part in last year’s SURE conference.

  • Science Week 2023 takes place from 12 – 19th November ⁠⁠ 
  • Calmast’s list of activities for Science Week 2023 can be found at ⁠⁠
  • Information on the SURE Network can be found at ⁠