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Why choose SETU Campus Accommodation?

  • 24 hour reception and support from security personnel and our administrative personnel.
  • Great facilities and services including Wi-Fi, on site laundry, close proximity to shops and gym discount.
  • No travel costs to and from college.
  • Proximity to class.
  • Suitable licence period for student.
  • Local access to student support services, counselling, student advisors, health care, chaplaincy, student union representation and more. 

As a parent, peace of mind is key

As a parent, we understand that your main concern is that your son or daughter is living in a safe and secure environment and that he/she will have the necessary support to overcome difficulties with the transition to college life. We can appreciate the issues associated with moving from home for the first time and getting to know new people. As your son or daughter embarks on a new found freedom, our team have the experience and training to give our residents the support and assistance required.

Support on every level

Management team are on call 24 hours a day. We have an open door policy and our team are always available to meet with residents, regardless of the request. Our staff pride themselves on keeping residents happy and aim to solve any problem a resident may have. Our team have many years' experience assisting new students. Whether the problem is homesickness, having a problem with housemates, trying to find a doctor or dentist or simply opening a bank account, you will find that our team have dealt with it on many occasions.

City Campus reception is open from 8.00am right up to 8pm each night which means that there is always staff on hand to assist or even just for a chat. We also provide a professional maintenance service who can fix any problem from changing a light bulb to attending to a major plumbing or electrical fault.

Our porters are on call from 8pm to 8am Monday to Sunday.  While our porters aim to keep campus accommodation safe and secure, each porter assists Management in maintaining order. Management take antisocial behaviour very seriously and aim to maintain a living environment conducive to study and relaxation.

Accessibility - We are here for you too!

If for whatever reason you wish to discuss a matter with our team, we would be delighted to hear from you. Perhaps you have not heard from your son or daughter for some time and you simply want us to pass on a 'please call home' message. Please see contact details below.

City Campus:           051 306100/ 087-2904612

College Campus:     051 353894

All calls will be treated in confidence

Health and Safety in residence for your son or daughter

Health and Safety of our residents is of utmost priority. We carry out regular health and safety risk assessments and implement improvements regularly so that student homes continue to be safe places to live. We run campaigns throughout the term asking residents to keep doors and windows locked and to hide any valuables. We strongly recommend that students take out personal possessions insurance at the start of term.

Fire Safety

We carry out unexpected fire drills each semester and work closely with the local fire authority so that the community are familiar with our evacuation protocol. Each living area is well equipped with fire safety equipment including networked fire alarm systems which alert the Management Team immediately. 

Health Emergencies

In the event that your son or daughter were to become ill and require medical assistance, Management can attend to the scene immediately. All staff are First Aid trained and will coordinate medical assistance such as doctor, ambulance or counsellor if required. 

Having difficulty settling in?

We appreciate that it can be difficult for a parent when their son or daughter is having difficulty adjusting to College life, particularly when a parent lives far away from campus. It may be that he or she is not getting on with housemates or is homesick. Our staff have a lot of experience helping such students in distress and more often than not can turn the problem around for all concerned.  If you as a parent have such concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Management team. Discretion and privacy are always important for residents in such cases.

Financial Difficulties

From time to time, some families may find the associated costs of college life a strain. For families with multiple siblings living on campus, discounts are available on rental fees. While we operate a policy where rental fees are payable in advance of arrival, we encourage students and parents to contact us where payment is difficult. We will treat each case on an individual basis. If you require any clarification on our rental fees, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Some common concerns that you may have regarding on campus accommodation.

SETU Campus Accommodation will assist to in securing alternative accommodation. We recommend that you check out our SETU Student Pad website

If you wish to cancel your application for accommodation with SETU Waterford Campus Accommodation you must complete our online

 Cancellation Form 

Please note that Cancellations made on or before 24 hours after 1st Round CAO offers will receive their deposit back less a €100 administration fee. Cancellations made after this date will forfeit their entire deposit.

Once the check out and resulting paperwork has been completed SETU Campus Accommodation will notify the financial administrator of any deductions to be taken from residents deposit. The financial administrator will then process the deposit refund if applicable and an email will be sent to the resident’s email informing them that the refund is due and requesting that they input their bank details. We aim to have all refunds processed within 4 weeks of the end of the licence to reside.