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Bachelor of Science Ordinary Degree in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology

The objective of this 18-month degree course is to provide a nationally accredited Level 7 educational course, at ordinary degree level, in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), for personnel working in the manufacturing areas of the pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical device sector.


Bachelor of Science Ordinary degree in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology (180 credits, Level 7


Year  1  €2,100, Year 2 €1,500

Cost if eligible for bursary scheme

 Year 1 €1,575, Year 2 €1,125

Lectures will be delivered:

2 evenings per week Monday and Thursday 16:15-19:15. Online lectures with lab sessions on-campus at SETU.

Further Information

Ms. Bernie Whelan, Course Leader: Bernadette.W[email protected]

Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
HRM in Manufacturing (1.5)*, 5 credit module GMP (Regulatory Affairs) (3)*, 10 credit module
Manufacturing & Processing Technology 2 (3), 10 credit module Pharmaceutical Formulation 1 (3), 10 credit module
Process Validation (1.5)*, 5 credit module
* modules are assessed by 100% Continuous Assessment.
The module ‘Process Evaluation’ is assessed by 100% final examination.
The remaining modules are assessed by Continuous assessment and a final examination.
The numbers in brackets are the projected class content times in hours\/week.

Year 2

Semester 3 Semester 4
Process Evaluation
Pharmaceutical Formulation 1*
Literature Review (GMP)*

Higher Certificate in Science (GMP and Technology) or equivalent and required to attend an interview. Participants must be employed in the biopharmachemical/medical device industry.


Course Leaders

Dr Bernadette Whelan

Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science -

Call: +35351302064

Email: [email protected]


Part Time Student Helpdesk


Call: +35351302040

Email: [email protected]