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1. Open Google Chrome

2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner and select New Incognito Window

A demonstration on how to access a google incognito window via the google browser

1. On your computer, go to and login using your SETU staff username and password e.g. [email protected]

2. You will see a More information required screen. Choose Next

A microsfot prompt image

3. On your phone, go to the iOS app store (iPhone) or Google Play store (android) and search for Microsoft Authenticator app. Then install the app. Follow the steps to complete the setup of the app.

An image of a multifactor authenticator with Microsoft

4. On your computer. Click Next to Set up your account


Another prompt for Microsoft authenticator, however this image highlights the next button to progress

5. On your phone in the Microsoft authenticator app, tap on the menu (either ⁞ (android) or + (iPhone), choose Add account and then Work or school account. Then Select Scan a QR code.

An image highlighting to further information to input into microsoft

6. Hover your phone over the QR code on the computer until it scans correctly. You may be asked to allow the app to use your camera. Tap Confirm. Once the QR code capture was successful, the phone will add the SETU MFA account to the Authenticator App.

A QR code prompt to demonstrate how to link MFA to your phone

(Please Note: If scanning the QR Code does not work, use the “Sign In” option instead and type in your email address manually).

Microsoft Prompt

7. On your computer, click Next. A notification will be sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, to test your account.


Microsoft Authenticator prompt

8. On your phone Approve the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app

9. On your computer, click Next

A confirmation that MFA has been successful connecting

10. On your computer, click Done

Connection complete to microsoft authenticator

1. Navigate to SETU Homepage > Staff Hub > Core Portal > Waterford Core Portal

2. Enter your SETU Email Address:

A sign in prompt, to login with your SETU email address

3. Enter your SETU password and click on Sign In

A password prompt to demonstrate where to enter your password

1. Go to the Password Reset page on the website

2. Click on the Password Reset thumbnail:

A picture with the text username and password

3. Enter your email address in the email/username field

A set of instructions to login to your microsoft account

4. Enter the characters in the ‘captcha’ field:

An image of a recaptcha test, to determine if a user is a human or a bot

5. Click on Next

6. Use the new password generated to login in to your Core Portal account

Please note: For all other systems, there have been no changes.

1. Select the Settings and more icon, which looks like three horizontal dots.

This image highlights the location of where you can access the settings icon in a microsoft edge browser

2. Select New InPrivate window.

an indication of where to open a inPrivate window in microsoft edge

3. A new browser window opens. A blue and white image in the upper-right corner indicates that InPrivate Browsing mode is active in the current window.

this image shows how a user can tell if they are in a inPrivate window in microsoft edge