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A cohort within the PMBRC, the Ocular Therapeutics Research Group (OTRG) is focused primarily on the development and production of novel therapeutics to treat various chronic and acute diseases of the eye. This is achieved by developing new nano- and microformulations, investigating novel therapeutics and designing innovative drug delivery platforms to improve patient outcomes and quality of life issues for a range of ophthalmic conditions. As the expertise for particular formulations grows, these are also applied to other pressing societal challenges that include Covid-19 and antimicrobial resistance.  

The OTRG seeks to further develop and build upon the current SETU Waterford research strategy by producing ground breaking and innovative research, publications, and industry-ready technologies. With such a multinational, interdisciplinary, and highly skilled network, the OTRG helps enhance the relationship between SETU Waterford and local and international industry and academic partners, while remaining focused on continually producing outstanding and career ready researchers. The work within the OTRG supports each of the pillars of the SETU Waterford Research Strategy through considered focus on impact – both the economic impact to society that the research can bring, and the impact upon the researchers (both early stage and career researchers) that call SETU Waterford their home.

Ocular Therapeutics Research Group (OTRG) is a part of the Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC). Click here to find further information on the PMBRC.