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The Innovation Partnership Programme is a hugely impactful venture which encourages Irish-based companies to work with Irish research institutes for mutually beneficial engagement, creating an innovative ecosystem that delivers impactful change. 

SETU Innovation partnerships uses

  • Allows a company to access expertise and resources to undertake research towards the development of new and improved products, processes, services, and generate new knowledge and know-how. 
  • A company benefits in terms of its growth, the evolution of its strategic research and development and the creation of new knowledge that it can use to generate commercial advantage.
  • SETU benefits in terms of developing skill sets, intellectual property and publications.

How Innovation partnerships work

  • The partnership allows up to 80% of the cost of research work towards the development of new and improved products, processes or services, or the generation of new knowledge and know-how.
  • However, funding from Enterprise Ireland will normally not exceed €200,000 limit (Exceptions to this limit may be made on a case-by-case basis).
  • Up to 100% capital funding may be available if completion of a partnership project requires the purchase of a large item of capital equipment.
  • Approval is subject to conditions.
Gateway case studies

Gateway case studies

Explore our gateway case studies for a deeper understanding of our research methodologies and real-world applications. These comprehensive explorations illuminate the collaborative efforts between Irish companies and research institutes, showcasing the profound impact of partnership and how our work is shaping industries.