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Having grown up on a farm near Enfield in Co Meath, Ciarán Regan had a natural interest in farming as a career. After completing secondary school in Boyne Community School, Trim, Co. Meath, he went on to study a BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness on SETU’s Wexford campus. Now in his fourth year, Ciarán has thoroughly enjoyed both his studies and student experience at SETU.

Only heard positive reports

I chose to study at SETU’s Wexford campus for two main reasons; they had the course I wanted to do and I knew former students who had studied in SETU and heard positive reports about their time there. Over my four years of study, I can confirm that the course is great and the reports were correct, SETU is a great place to study.

Why this degree?

I had always been interested in developing my career in farming and I was particularly drawn the diversity of SETU’s BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness. It offers a thorough understanding of both the business and science aspects of agriculture.

Upon completing my degree, I would love to spend a year working in New Zealand where I can see the theory I’ve studied being put into practice. New Zealand has one of the most efficient livestock farming systems on the world and it would be great to see this first hand.

Living away from home

I love the independence of living away from home and meeting new people. Moving away from home to go to college was a big moment for me and it worked out great. I’ve really enjoyed fending for myself, meeting new people from all walks of life and making my own decisions in a way that I would never have when living at home with my family. I still go home regularly and when I do, I enjoy its comforts more than ever!

Club and societies

I enjoy sport and for my first three years in SETU, I played with the hurling club which was great fun and offered an opportunity to meet people outside of my course. As I’m currently in my final year, I decided not to play this year. I’d highly recommend all students to get involved in something they’re interested in that offers an opportunity to meet students with similar interests.

Two key pieces of advice

There are two key pieces of advice I’d give to all students applying to CAO, the first is to choose a course that you know you have an interest in. It’s very difficult to stay focussed and study for a degree in an area that you’re not really interested in for three or four years.

The second piece of advice is to do your research on the course you want to study, look at the modules for each year and explore the career opportunities that different degrees will offer graduates.

A great sense of belonging

I would definitely recommend SETU because there is a great sense of belonging and community amongst the students, lecturers and university staff. Class sizes are small and lecturers get know their students very well which helps in understanding their capabilities and how they can help them achieve their potential. There is also a great social life at all of the SETU campuses.