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Ishika is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care. Having completed her leaving cert in St. Leo’s College, Carlow, Ishika Mohan continued her studies in Carlow Institute of Further Education (CIFE) where she was awarded a level 5 in Early Learning and Care (Childcare). 

Ishika had always wanted to work with children and her time in CIFE confirmed this decision. She then chose to study for her level 8 in Early Childhood Education and Care at SETU’s Carlow campus. Participating in student life is also important to Ishika and she currently holds the Students’ Union’s international officer role in SETU Carlow. This part-time role offers her an excellent opportunity to meet and help students from all over the world.

My Further Education (FE) course gave me a lot of hands-on experience

I completed a level 5 in Carlow Institute of Further Education in Early Learning and Care (Childcare) which included 6-7 modules which were directly linked to the course I am currently enrolled in. This course was very practical and gave me a lot of hands-on experience.

Love the diversity of SETU Carlow

There were a number of reasons why I chose SETU Carlow. I live in Carlow and often visited SETU’s campus on the Kilkenny Road for science week workshops. I‘ve always loved the campus and how easy it is to navigate around. I also really liked the diversity of SETU Carlow, there are so many nationalities on campus and all cultures are celebrated with different festivals throughout the year.

There are also a lot of sports and activities available for students and the facilities are super. We have our new South Sports Campus in Carlow which has world-class sport facilities for those with this interest.

This course is a good fit for me

The course is a good continuation from my FE study as it’s a combination of theoretical and practical work through the work placement programme. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and therefore after speaking to students and lectures at SETU’s open day, I decided this course was a good fit for me and it would be good for my future.

Workplace experience allows us to put the knowledge we learn into practice

I enjoy that there is both theoretical and practical learning. We spent the first few months in college learning about various educational issues, theorists, and guidelines and when we go to work placement, we are able to put the knowledge we learned into practice.

I see myself working with children. I would like to work as an early year’s provider, there are many sectors which I can work in with my course so I would like to explore these options including becoming a teacher as I love helping children.

Making friends and meeting new people

I enjoy making friends and meeting new people, there are always activities during college such as science week and international day which I participate in and meet people from different parts of Ireland and the world.

I love time in between classes where I can catch up with my friends and classmates. Through the students’ union I interact with many people and gain knowledge which I enjoy.

I am currently the international officer in the Students’ Union. It is my duty to represent international students and ensure they have a good time while studying in SETU. I have organised the Diwali event for students and helped them with their queries on an ongoing basis.

Choose something you enjoy

You should choose something you enjoy; your degree doesn’t determine what you do for the rest of your life, but it can open doors to allow you explore different careers. College gives you the skills you need in the working world so once you have graduated you can work in any industry.

The class sizes and campus are smaller than a traditional university, so it is easier to make friends and navigate through the campus. There are many clubs and societies on campus so there is something for everyone.