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In this single 5 ECTS credit module, students will learn how to use chord symbol charts
and provide piano accompaniment in a wide range of modern settings such as:


Classroom teaching

Musical theatre

Jazz, pop and rock music bands

Social gatherings. 

The module caters for both beginners and more experienced pianists who would like to move away from fully
written sheet music and develop a pianistic shorthand for various settings. Though this is an introductory
module, a basic level of general musical theory/competence is desirable.


12 live tutorials of 1 hour in duration will take place weekly which are fully online.  Resources and recorded presentations will be available on Moodle afterwards
The time commitment is approximately 3 hours per week.

Indicative Content

 Basic chordal nomenclature and theory

 Using chord charts or real books.

 Learn a basic jazzy accompaniment style and theory using the root, 3rd, and 7th of chords.

 Learn a basic pop/rock accompaniment style using triadic chord-voicings.

 Introducing the use of rhythm in accompaniment; including examples of various popular styles.

 Perform basic accompaniments and/or arrangements using all of the skills learnt during the module.

Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 2

Semester 3 Semester 4

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 3

Semester 5 Semester 6

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Year 4

Semester 7 Semester 8

M is a mandatory subject - E is an elective subject

Entry Requirement
A basic level of general musical competence.

Progression and Career Development 

This module has been designed in line with the Teaching Council‘s requirements for the curricular subject of Music which specifies the study of piano-keyboard. It is the responsibility of each individual applicant to confirm his/her registration requirements with the Teaching Council.

This module will also equip students with useful piano accompaniment skills, which can be employed in a wide range of professional settings.


Course Leaders

Mr Phillip Collins

Lecturer -

Email: [email protected]


Part Time Student Helpdesk


Call: +35351302040

Email: [email protected]