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SETU’s range of common entry courses give you that bit of extra time to choose the right specialism for you. In choosing to study a common entry course, students do not have to decide to specialise in a certain area of study until after year 1 or year 2, depending on the programme. This gives students more time to decide what specialism to go into and better knowledge of the discipline. Our range of broad entry programmes are designed with the student in mind.

From our experience talking to sixth years and first year undergraduate students, we know that making decisions about courses can be difficult to juggle with Leaving Cert study. For some, this results in a decision to choose a narrow area of study rather than keeping their options open.

At SETU we continually evolve our portfolio of courses to reflect the shifts in industry and in career path options. We have undergone a major transformation as we strive to meet third level students’ need for time and space to decide on the career path for them, combined with a modern set of courses that meet the requirements of employers in Ireland and abroad