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Who is considered a mature applicant? 

A mature applicant is an applicant who is aged 23 and over on the 1st January of the year in which they seek admission regardless of whether an applicant selects Mature Applicants from the Qualifications & Assessment Summary on the CAO application form.

What is the application process? 

Applicants apply via the CAO website. To be considered under the mature route, there are two closing dates: 1 February and 1 May. Note that there are a sub-set of courses which are restricted and must be applied for by the 1 February closing date i.e. SE206 BA (H) in Music see CAO website for the full list of restricted courses.


What is the application and selection process for Undergraduate Nursing courses?

To compete as a mature applicant for SE915 BSc (Hons) in General Nursing, SE914 BSc (Hons) in Psychiatric Nursing or SE916 BSc (Hons) in Intellectual Disability Nursing, applicants must have applied to the CAO by the 1 February. 

Mature applicants must also apply directly to the NMBI. Full details on the NMBI application process are available here. Note that SETU are not involved in the assessment of mature applicants to nursing courses.

The table below sets out the number of mature places currently available in SETU:

CourseTotal PlacesQuota For Mature IntakeTotal Places Available For Mature Intake
SE915 - General5115%8 (7.65)
SE914 - Psychiatric4335%15 (15.05)
SE916 - Intel. Disability2535%9 (8.75)

Applicants may not enter on a Change of Mind any Nursing Course Code (SE914, SE915 & SE916), unless at least one such course code was among the applicants choices at 1 February and the applicant has completed the NMBI assessment in the year they seek admission.

What is the selection process for SE206 BA (Hons) in Music?

Applicants to SE206 BA (Hons) in Music (Level 8) are assessed solely on the basis of the SETU Music Audition.

CAO applications for SE206 close on 1 February to allow for the audition process to take place. 

For more information see here.

Selection process for courses other than Nursing and Music Mature applicants are allocated places by SETU based on its mature applicant selection process. Candidates are assessed on evidence which has been submitted to the CAO. 

Admission to courses may also be subject to interview and/or portfolio.

If applicants introduce a new programme to their list of choices by way of Change of Mind for which admission is subject to interview and/or portfolio, they will compete for a place on that programme based on their Leaving Certificate or QQI FET/FETAC results only. They will not compete as a mature applicant. Final admission decisions will be made by the Registrar.

 Mature Applicants who are unsuccessful in attaining a place through the mature route may still compete on Leaving Certificate or QQI FET/FETAC points in CAO Round 1

Mature student applicant policy