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Dr. Colm David Walsh, a University College Dublin PhD graduate in Political Science, specialises in the dynamics of political reform, democratic innovations, and democratic engagement. With over a decade of experience in higher education leadership, his career includes significant roles in international operations management and strategic development at South East Technological University (SETU) and University College Dublin (UCD), applying Lean Six Sigma and Agile methodologies to drive and manage change, whilst optimising operations to ensure competitive positioning and financial sustainability. Dr. Walsh's strategic initiatives and leadership have been pivotal in broadening global engagement and internationalisation, enriching the educational experience for students by enhancing global learning opportunities and access to diverse cultural perspectives, underscoring his dedication to enhancing educational landscapes, supporting students, and effecting positive change in society. 

Conference Presentations 

Walsh, C.D. (2020). Deliberative Attitudes, a citizens’ perspective of deliberative assemblies. Annual Conference of the Political Science Association of Ireland, 9th October 2020. 

Walsh, C.D. (2018) Political distrust in the Irish political system and citizen support for political reforms, UCD Graduate Symposium, University College Dublin,  3rd May 2018. 

Walsh, C.D. and Elkink, J.A., 2021. The dissatisfied and the engaged: Citizen support for citizens’ assemblies and their willingness to participate. Irish Political Studies, 36(4), pp.647-666.

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