SETU graduate Lubna Elsarafand was nominated as course class representative before completing her master’s degree in Finance and Business Analytics here at SETU.

During her time in Waterford, Lubna also wrote a research paper with Dr Aidan Duane of the Department of Accountancy and Economics.

Prior to studying at SETU, Lubna completed her undergraduate degree in finance at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Saudi Arabia.

Why I chose SETU's MBS in Finance and Business Analytics:

During her time in Waterford, Lubna was nominated as her course class representative. She also wrote a research paper with Dr Aidan Duane of the Department of Accountancy and Economics.

My motives behind choosing SETU's MBS in Finance and Business Analytics:

My main goal was to familiarise myself with Irish market demands in order to increase my chances of relevant recruitment. Programme teachings across financial and information systems models were especially appealing as I was keen to expand my knowledge base in both of these fields.

The impact on my career so far:

The programme provided me with important insights into both European and international financial market regulations. This along with the programme’s teachings on financial analysis reports and coding provided a solid foundation to help me meet today’s competitive market demands.

Elements of the programme that will benefit me most:

That would have to be my introduction to future fundamentals of financial analytics. This module included Solidity and Python programming languages. Learning these languages aided my understanding of digital currencies which are increasingly challenging traditional financial institutions. The progressive programme model also included on-campus job fairs and interactive seminars which enabled me to form valuable networking connections in the field. Furthermore, I had the honour to write a research paper with Dr Aidan Duane, which was accepted by the Irish Academy of Management (IAM 2023).

Waterford city – an ideal place for international students:

Waterford is a lovely city, rich with history, and the people are very welcoming and friendly. I would say it’s the ideal place to live in Ireland. What's more, the short commute times between Cork and Dublin make the college accessible for students who want to travel around the country.