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Arabella’s student experience at SETU brings together her talent for athletics and her interest in sports business and coaching.

I decided to study at SETU because it offered an incredible variety of courses to choose from, in addition to fantastic training facilities. Also, SETU’s Kilkenny Road campus in Carlow is close to home and offered an easy, walkable distance to the facilities. This made it simple to juggle athletics, classes, and studying. Staying home has allowed me to save money by not paying rent. Instead, I have been able to focus on other things like getting my full driver's licence.

Shaping my future

My life as a scholarship student at SETU has been a journey of development and dedication. The opportunity and support provided by the scholarship has shaped my experience in the movement towards my future goals in athletics. Representing SETU at Loughborough University and placing first in my heat was a great experience. The trip allowed the SETU Athletics Club to develop a strong bond and a need to do our university proud.

A perfect match

SETU was the perfect match for me, not only because it of its sports facilities, but also because of the atmosphere. It felt secure, familiar, and exhilarating. All the staff there are incredibly kind, which makes you feel less afraid when starting out at university.

Discover interests with clubs and societies

Discover interests with clubs and societies

Clubs and societies can help you discover your interests and pursue them further. For example, I joined the African and Caribbean Society and later became its president. We held weekly meetings, which resulted in monthly events. Our largest event this year was ‘Love at First Sight’. This is significant to me since it helped me to discover who I am without athletics. I felt like I had really embraced my culture and discovered a passion for leadership. Exploring new hobbies while still competing at a high level has pushed my aspirations further. This strengthened my devotion to SETU, and I am glad to say I attend the university.