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South East Technological University’s (SETU) Design+ Technology Gateway is delighted to announce the arrival of its new stereolithography 3D printer, the Raplas PR450 HD, funded by Enterprise Ireland to complement the university’s existing suite of polymer additive manufacturing machines. Polymer additive manufacturing is a 3D printing technique that involves using ultraviolet laser with polymer resin to create ABS-like parts which are extremely durable. Design+ applies industrial design capabilities for companies in the engineering, ICT, software, and bio-life science sectors nationally. It is one of a network of technology gateways in Ireland that are funded by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with technological universities.

Through funding from the Enterprise Ireland Capital Call, Design+ plays a key role in the positive impact that this programme has on Irish businesses. The funding enables accelerated research and development efforts, allowing the technology gateway to offer greater innovative support to Irish companies. Additionally, the Capital Call programme provides access to invaluable support services which allow Design+ to further accelerate growth for businesses. The addition of a 3D printer of this calibre will bolster Design+’s offering that will provide numerous benefits to partnered businesses.

The Design+ team works together with businesses to analyse product portfolios, production lines, and supply chains to identify where 3D printing could be most beneficial. Based on this analysis, the team can develop a strategy for integrating additive manufacturing into a business’ operations; identifying the most suitable equipment and materials, and creating a plan for integrating 3D printing into a company’s existing processes.

Billy House, Business Development Engineer for Design+ Gateway commented, “The future has arrived with the introduction of our Raplas PR450. No longer a horizon technology, this large format stereolithography 3D printer fits in nicely with our existing suite of additive manufacturing machines and allows us to take our research and development offering to another level.”

The Raplas PR450 offers exceptional precision and can produce high-quality 3D prints. It is also versatile and efficient, capable of producing both small and intricate designs at a faster rate than traditional manufacturing methods. This lends itself to reduced lead times and production costs; and improved productivity. Additionally, the printer’s customisation capabilities allow businesses to tailor products to customer needs, thus improving customer satisfaction. It’s prints can be used in a variety of industries; such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer goods.

At Design+ Technology Gateway, the goal is to help businesses to leverage their capabilities to drive innovation, streamline processes, and achieve greater success in the marketplace.

Photo caption: Billy House, Business Development Engineer Design+ Technology Gateway at SETU with a full scale prototype diving helmet printed via the Raplas PR450 HD 3D printer.