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Hosted by lecturer Rob O’Connor, the podcast dives into what’s involved in research, highlighting some of the work being carried out by researchers in SETU.

In this episode we speak with researcher Indrakshi Dey from the Walton Institute about Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence, which then leads onto a discussion about how we (people) often project human-motives on AI systems. There’s also a chat about Indrakshi’s experiences as a woman in a male-dominated sector, which dovetails with the Women in Technology event being held in the Arena next Thursday (21st March). 

As an aside, this podcast came about after a CALMAST event last November where Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 was shown in Garter Lane with a panel discussion about AI afterwards, featuring Eoin Gill, Richard Hayes and Indrakshi Dey. Why is this worth mentioning? I suppose it highlights how these kinds of conversations are happening in many different forums and it’s good to be able to capture them (somewhat!).

Autonomous Systems & AI with Dr. Indrakshi Dey

Autonomous Systems are the jumping off point for this podcast episode with Indrakshi Dey of the Walton Institute at SETU. We talk about how computer science research is progressing in this area, encompassing the world of AI and forming links with partners across all disciplines. This leads on to a chat about how we (humans) tend to anthropomorphise Artificial Intelligence systems. We also discuss Indrakshi’s career to date and how being a woman of colour has given her unique insight across the sector.

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