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The ‘double degree’ element of SETU and Brest Business School’s Master of Business in Internationalisation offers student rep Julia Pawlak the opportunity to broaden her employment opportunities.

Having completed the Master of Business in Internationalisation (MBSI) programme, Julia Pawlak fondly reflects on her time as a South East Technological University (SETU) student, describing it as an ”immensely enriching and transformative” experience. Julia, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing at SETU in 2022, decided to return to the university to further her studies with a Master's degree. "My primary motivation for returning to education was the strong desire to challenge myself further and create broader opportunities for my career. I believe that the MBSI programme promised a comprehensive education and a chance to push my limits. I knew that by taking on the challenge, I could open more doors for my personal and professional growth.”

Julia took every opportunity to get involved in university life, as she became the student representative for the 2022/2023 cohort of the MBS in Internationalisation (MBSI) Double Degree programme.

The 'double degree' structure

The unique nature of this programme is its 'double degree' structure, in which students have the opportunity to visit and study at Brest Business School (BBS) in France. Graduates are then awarded both the MBSI degree from SETU, and the MSc in International Business from BBS.

Julia recalled the highlight of her experience was undoubtedly the opportunity to study in Brest. “During this trip, I had the privilege of studying alongside Brest MSc IB students, led by the exceptional Dr Dominique Maze. Our programme director, Declan Cahill, played an instrumental role in making this trip a memorable and valuable experience.”

Be adaptable

When asked about her advice for those considering studying on this programme, Julia advised that “Students should be prepared to be open-minded and adaptable. Secondly, actively engage in every aspect of the programme, from coursework to study trips. The more you invest in your learning, the more you'll gain from this experience.”

Julia credits the international experience and study trips for creating unforgettable moments and invaluable cross-cultural connections, which helped her build a strong network and connect with her lecturers and peers alike.