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Mercy Ogbebor joined SETU four years ago having completed her leaving cert in Pobalscoil Na Trionoide in Youghal. Originally from Killeagh, the Cork native Mercy now lives and studies in Waterford which makes the trip into the college’s Granary campus, home to the University’s Waterford based architecture courses, very convenient.

Mercy is a year 4 student on the Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) programme based in the city centre campus along with all Architecture and BIM programmes.

Mercy agrees that ‘SETU is a place for you’ as it’s a “place for everyone”. We asked Mercy a little bit about herself, her journey to SETU and about her time her.

A smaller university with close ties to industry

I chose SETU because it was a smaller college that provided a more close-knit and personal experience. During secondary school, I heard about the numerous SETU Waterford programmes including job placements and the University has strong ties to businesses and companies.

I heard about the quality of the architecture programme which offers a broad variety of vocationally focused modules that result in both undergraduate and graduate degrees with worldwide recognition.

Architecture allows me to be creative and have a positive impact

Architecture is an art that combines science and creativity to create spaces and structures where people may live, communicate, work, and play. It allows the flexibility to unleash your creative side which really appealed to me.

Building structures gives you many chances to express your originality and artistic talent while having a positive impact on the environment which is now a main stay of our lives.

I love every aspect of design

I really enjoy the design aspect of my course. It allows me to expand and diversify my imagination and keeps me open-minded to new experiences and challenges that arise in my course. I really love the general flexibility of my course in all its aspects but especially in designing spaces for people.

A big part of the course, and one I really like, is learning about old and historical monuments and why iconic buildings are so influential to us as a society and how they continue to impact and influence modern day design.

This programme brings with it a variety of job opportunities. It opens up opportunities for international travel and learning, both during my course and also as a graduate. The B.Arch degree really is a passport to work all over the world

Architecture gives many career opportunities

Once I become a certified professional architect, I have access to a wide range of jobs. Some options I have are to work in a small or big private practice, in a local authority, a semi-state, a commercial organisation, or in the architectural division of a government department.

I don’t fully know yet which route I will take but I have some ideas of which field I would like to work in. I think when I complete my thesis in 5th year, I will have a better idea of which path to follow and which type of role will best suit me.

University has opened up new learning experiences from my peers

I really like meeting new people and learning new things from my peers which develops and improves my level of thinking. it also allows me to have diverse experiences that are very important to me.

Being active in societies helps to develop leadership and team building skills

I am the President of the Architecture Society which allows me to be involved in various activities with students who have the same interests as me. It allows me to interact with other years, enabling us to learn from each other. It builds a close-knit community on the Granary campus and it creates a more interactive, sociable, and connected community.

I am also the President of the African Society which allows me to promote my culture and appreciate other African/Caribbean cultures. It feels like a family away from home. It allows me to immerse myself deeper in my culture. I wanted to create a positive African community at SETU that encourages inclusion and diversity.

Being president of both societies gives me the opportunity to develop my leadership role and allows me to maintain team-building skills.

Choose a course in an area that interests you

The advice I would give to a student considering college is to pick a course that you have an interest in and pick a course that you will always enjoy. I would also say to pick the university best suited to that course and to research what different colleges provide including the opportunities and curriculum on that course.

Academic learning opportunities and a great social life make SETU Mercy’s recommended University

I would recommend SETU to any student because it provides good and diverse forms of learning that are also applicable to life after college. It provides many academic opportunities and a great social life that has allowed me to create friends for life.