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The School of Education and Lifelong Learning (SoELL) continues to cultivate a culture of research, knowledge sharing, and academic good practice through its innovative SoELL Education Research and Doctoral Seminar Series.

This ongoing initiative, held monthly during lunchtime, has consistently gained momentum, drawing enthusiastic participants and hosting stimulating discussions.

The series was initiated in February and included highly engaging and informative presentations from Dr Helen Murphy, Dr Emer Emily Neenan, Dr Richard Coady, Sarah Bates Evoy, Dr Clare Bolger, and Dr Eleanor Neff, all of whom provided invaluable insights on their doctoral journeys.

Engaging presentations

On 25 October, the latest edition of the SoELL Education Research and Doctoral Seminar Series unfolded with two more engaging presentations. ‘Breathing Space or Hiding Place:  Graduates’ Perspectives of Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Education’ was the title of first presentation by Dr Mary Fenton, Head of Department of Education in SoELL. 

Next up was recently appointed Education Research Officer in SoELL, Dr Sergio Botelho Junior, who presented his doctoral research on ‘Knowledge Spillover’. Both presentations drew insightful parallels and applications to the work that has been developed within SoELLL.

The SoELL Education Research and Doctoral Seminar Series is part of the school’s strategic approach to foster research collaboration, dissemination and enhance its research capacities and capabilities.  The idea for the series arose from a discussion at the SoELL Research Board held in November 2022 and supports the goals of the school’s research strategy. 

The series is chaired by Laura Widger, Assistant Head of Department of Education, and presentations are encouraged from academic faculty on doctoral research, funded education research projects, publications, and insights from conferences. 

Dynamic platform

Reflecting on the series, Laura Widger commented, “The series serves as a dynamic platform for fostering insightful exchanges, disseminating knowledge, and promoting collaborative discussions among scholars, researchers, and the broader academic community within SoELL. Dr Fenton’s and Dr Botelho Junior’s presentations spoke to the entrepreneurial strength of the school, and we look forward to the remainder of the series.”

In our next edition of the SoELL Education Research and Doctoral Seminar Series, taking place on 29 November, we are delighted to feature the following presenters, who will share insights from their own research endeavours:

  • Dr Catherine Lowry-O’Neill, Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Niamh O’Brien, Lecturer in Education

This occasion promises to be another engaging and informative session as we continue to promote collaborative discussions and knowledge dissemination within the SoELL community.