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Kristina Kalhousova is studying on the Bachelor of Business (Hons) course at SETU Waterford, specialising in Marketing. Kristina, a native of Czech Republic, joined SETU in third year having started her university career in the University of New York in Prague. She completed her first two years remotely, the first from home and the second in Switzerland. Eventually she withdrew from her course and started a business and marketing degree in SETU in September 2022.

Business at SETU has an excellent reputation

I chose to study at SETU because I wanted to get a proper knowledge of marketing and business generally. In researching course options, I heard some very good reviews, especially about business courses at South East Technological University, and that’s why I opted to continue my studies in SETU. 

Broadening my knowledge

The thing I like the most about my course is that we are not taught only about marketing and business, but we can also choose from many other subjects, entrepreneurship for example. For me, as a marketing major, I know I do not want to be an entrepreneur, but I don't mind broadening my knowledge about this subject and I may choose it as my elective.

A career in social media marketing

When I graduate from the Bachelor of Business (Hons), I hope to join a company based in an English-speaking country and work in social media marketing. As my career progresses, I would like to become one of the managers of social media marketing in a growing company.

Meeting new challenges head on

I see new faces all the time and I have to face new opportunities and obstacles every single day. Getting out of my comfort zone has become a part of my daily life. 

Join in as much as you can

I guess the only advice I can give to other international students is to try to join a variety of the clubs which makes it easier to make new friends. I would also say to be active during the lectures and other team works as I find that pretty important for newcomers. This is good advice for first years, for international students or anyone joining a new university.

Encouraging lecturers and joining clubs are key for me settling in to college

As every international student, I've been struggling to fit into the Irish community and making some other friends. As I’m staying for two years, it’s important to make friends outside of the Erasmus and International student community as they will leave after a semester or a year.

I feel that SETU has been very helpful to me. The lecturers always put me in a team with students from Ireland and try their best for me to easily fit in. Both lectures and their help has been extremely personalised. So, yes, thanks to all of these objectives, I would recommend SETU to other students.

"The lecturers always put me in a team with students from Ireland and try their best for me to easily fit in. Both lectures and their help has been extremely personalised." SETU Graduate, Kristina Kalhousova