This free event brings together Corporate Social Entrepreneurship experts from industry and education to discuss future challenges and how to address them

Two ERASMUS+ projects managed by the Centre for Enterprise Development and Regional Economy (CEDRE), at South East Technological University (SETU), are working with leading experts from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Romania, and The Netherlands to develop programmes and academic techniques and tools to equip people with the ability to address Grand Societal Challenges (GSC).

Generating sustainable positive impact

Being aware of environmental and societal engagement and inclusion issues, and how the actions of individuals and organisations impact these, is currently at the forefront of high-level debates at EU, national and international levels. Raising awareness and equipping people with the knowledge and expertise to address these issues is critical to generating sustainable positive impact.

CEDRE provides a framework and environment for entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and policy makers/implementers to engage in a mutually complementary manner to support economic growth and development.

‘Social Innovation and Education: Empowering Youth to be Future Leaders & Problem Solvers’ a free two day conference, presented by the EMBRACE and DIFUCH (Digital Future Challenges) projects, will take place on the 29 and 30 of November. The conference brings together Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) experts in the fields of industry and education to network and discuss future challenges and opportunities for collaboration in this fast-changing environment.

Day one: 29 Nov, The Granville Hotel, Waterford

Day one of the conference will take place at The Granville Hotel, Waterford, and will explore the importance of empowering youth to build future leaders. Attendees will learn about Design Based Education, and the development of collaborative problem solving processes and techniques by DIFUCH. The day will feature case studies from IBM, Thriftify and GIY exploring game-changers in terms of youth empowerment, and graduate skills needed to address future challenges, while promoting dynamism in future oriented organisations.

Day two: 30 Nov, National College of Ireland, Dublin

Day two will take place in the National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin. Attendees will learn why CSE is a new standard for businesses, and will be presented with practical examples from companies such as Alkemio and Origin Chain Networks. Case studies will show how an empowered society provides an effective platform to address GSC together; and the importance of working with representatives from diverse sectors to bring traceability, transparency and trust to trade.


The EMBRACE project has already developed a European CSE curriculum, a Handbook for CSE, and a free learning and knowledge warehouse (CSELab) for those interested in creating an enabling entrepreneurial environment, fostering CSE in their organisations.

DIFUCH - Future skills-oriented modules

While DIFUCH is developing a digital-future, challenge-based, joint learning programme designed within an innovative and flexible academic structure and framework. This multi-disciplinary initiative features future skills-oriented modules, new curricula, and learning pathways that include digital literacy and prior knowledge recognition models.

The ‘Social Innovation and Education: Empowering Youth to be Future Leaders & Problem Solvers’ conference is open to students, academics, teachers, business owner/managers, entrepreneurs, as well as executives and employees of public, private and third sector organisations. To learn more and to register to attend for day one and/or two of the conference, in person or online, visit: