EU-CONEXUS Research Mobility Fund is now open for applications for the academic year 2024. The funds offer opportunities for the research staff of the nine EU-CONEXUS partner universities, which includes SETU, to enable exchange within the Alliance as well as internationally. Funds are also available to invite external experts to visit EU-CONEXUS universities and share their expertise.

Researchers, PhD students, doctoral candidates, post-doc researchers, research administrators from the EU-CONEXUS Alliance and experts from institutions outside the EU-CONEXUS Alliance may apply to three open calls throughout 2024.

Each call can provide valuable opportunities for research, training, giving keynote lectures and participating in conferences and summer schools at EU-CONEXUS universities, as well as support participation in international conferences focused on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (SmUCS) topics.

The fund supports various forms of collaboration and exchange, both within the Alliance and internationally. Below is an overview of the opportunities available for 2024 for research mobility:

1. Research Mobility for EU-CONEXUS Alliance members

If you are planning a research visit to another EU-CONEXUS university, or if you have been selected for the EU-CONEXUS conference or summer school, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for financial support provided by EU-CONEXUS. Researchers, PhD students, and administrators within the EU-CONEXUS alliance are eligible for support to cover travel and visits to partner universities. Further details available here.

2. Invitation of External Experts

If you would like to invite researchers from outside the EU-CONEXUS alliance to your university for lectures or keynote presentations or seek to expand your collaboration with experts from institutions outside the EU-CONEXUS network, visit the webpage and seize this opportunity to invite external researchers and experts to your universities.

3. Participation in international conferences on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

If your abstract has been accepted for an international conference with topics aligning with Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability, or if you plan to attend a conference as a committee member, EU-CONEXUS mobility fund provides the opportunities to cover your travel, accommodation, and registration fees for the conference.

Applicants for International Conference and Invitation of External Experts will be evaluated every 3 months, with the next evaluation date set for April 1st. Research Mobility within EU-COENXUS will be managed by each university internally.

Research mobilities create a unique way of studying and carrying out research through institutional alignment and seamless mobility for all. This call will further strengthen cooperation between the partners and foster joint research activities on research topics related to SmUCS challenges.


EU-CONEXUS is a fully-fledged transnational European University offering joint education, training and study programmes, joint research and professional development opportunities for all of its staff, researchers, and students. 

EU-CONEXUS is themed on “Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability”, focusing education, research & innovation, and knowledge-sharing activities on defining, understanding and addressing societal challenges experienced by communities from urban and semi-urbanised coastal regions (rivers, seas and oceans).

Further details about EU-CONEXUS are available here