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Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Roadshow

Date : Fri 22 Mar - Sun 07 Apr

Time : 11:45 - 14:00

Cost : €Free

Cork Rd Campus, Waterford & Kilkenny Rd Campus, Carlow

Facilitating the commercialisation of research constitutes a dynamic voyage of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the TTO (Technology Transfer Office) team is continuously committed to collaborating with SETU researchers to bolster their endeavours in this realm.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive support to researchers in navigating the complexities of commercialisation, thereby facilitating the transformation of ground-breaking ideas into tangible business ventures.

Through strategic guidance, robust resources, and targeted engagement, we endeavour to empower SETU researchers to successfully navigate the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship and maximize the societal and economic impact of their innovations.

Enterprise Ireland supports researchers and venture scientists taking their first steps in commercialising their novel, deep-tech research and turning it into a commercially viable opportunity.

The Research Commercialisation Roadshow represents Enterprise Ireland’s premier Commercialisation Support Knowledge Forum, tailored specifically for innovative researchers within Irish Higher Education Institutions and non-profit Research Performing Organisations.

This event serves as a comprehensive platform to highlight the array of supports available for translating research endeavours into impactful, real-world applications. Participants can expect a detailed overview of both financial and non-financial supports, equipping researchers with the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively navigate the commercialisation process and maximize the societal and economic impact of their innovations. 

What is the Commercialisation Feasibility Fund?

Commercialisation Fund Feasibility Grant can be used for an independent industry expert consultant to conduct a market opportunity assessment and explore potential routes to commercialisation for their technology.

What is the Commercialisation Fund?

Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund supports third-level researchers to translate their research into innovative and commercially viable products, services and companies.

With speakers such as Ellen Byrne talking about Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Feasibility Grant & Commercialisation Fund, and eager to engage and support on the day. We will also hear from representatives across the SETU campuses who have been recipients of Enterprise Ireland Funding or previously had a state-funded research which resulted in a university spin out.

Why Attend the CF Roadshow?

There are many reasons why researchers should attend our CF Roadshow such as,

  • Learn about the Enterprise Ireland supports available to develop innovative and novel products and services
  • Understand what the application requirements and criteria are and how to fulfil them.
  • Meet with the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Specialist (Life Sciences, ICT, Food & Agri-Tech and MEEC (Manufacturing, Energy and Engineering Commercialisation).
  • Hear from SETU Researchers at various stages of their Commercialisation Journey.
  • It will take researchers through Enterprise Irelands Research Commercialisation supports,
  • Understanding the commercialisation fund enables researchers to assess the commercial viability of their innovations, identify target markets, understand customer needs, and refine their product or service offerings accordingly. This validation process can significantly increase the chances of success in the marketplace