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SETU Student Counselling Service offers psychological counselling to registered full time students. Counselling is provided by a team of professionally qualified Psychotherapists and Psychologists. This is a free Service.

Our team is here to support you around a huge range of emotional and psychological concerns. Our aims are to enhance your experience of third level study and to help you to develop skills which will benefit your well-being now and into your future.

We welcome you to get in touch and engage with the range of services we offer. You can use the links on this webpage to register for, our free 24/7 online peer support and mental health platform, and to register for counselling appointments via the Counselling Service Portal. 

Counselling provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which students can discuss any emotional or psychological difficulties they are experiencing.  This service is offered free of charge and operates by appointment only, details of how to make an appointment can be seen in the 'Appointments' section. Through your engagement with counselling you will be supported to develop a set of skills to help you manage your emotions, and to cope with the impact of adverse life events, be they current or past. Students present as a result of various life circumstances. Our staff team recognises that it can be very daunting to ask for support in dealing with difficult experiences. 

Counselling is provided remotely by either video or phone appointment. Appointments last 45 minutes. Your first appointment will include an assessment of your psychological support needs. You will arrange with your psychologist / psychotherapist how often and when you will meet, this will be based on your ongoing support needs. 

It is important that you are ready on time to start your video or phone appointment.  If you are not available to start the session on time your appointment will be shortened as your counsellor works on an appointment basis.   If you have an appointment that you can't keep, we ask that you please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel so that your time can be re-allocated to another student who needs our support.

You are very welcome to book an appointment to meet with one of our team. Please use the link below to open the Counselling Service booking portal.

Book an Appointment

In order to book an appointment, you will first need to create your own user profile on Counselling Service portal. Once you set up your user profile, you can log in and out of the portal whenever you wish. You must use your official SETU student e-mail when creating your account. This is the only e-mail format accepted by the portal. If you are having difficulty accessing the portal, please e-mail us directly for help on [email protected]



If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask you to please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation so that your time can be re-allocated to another student. This helps us to keep waiting times for counselling appointments as low as possible.

Policy Docs 

Please review the policy documents in the below section. The privacy policy applies to your engagement with any of the services we offer. The Conditions of Service Use and National Student Counselling Dataset Project Consent apply only to attendance at individual counselling.

We have put together some useful resources below that you may find helpful to support you in looking after your mental health and well being.

Abdominal Breathing for Relaxation 

Abdominal or Diaphragmatic breathing is a type of a breathing exercise that helps strengthen your diaphragm, an important muscle that helps you breathe. This breathing exercise is also sometimes called belly breathing or abdominal breathing.

It has a number of benefits that affect your entire body. It’s the basis for almost all meditation or relaxation techniques, which can lower your stress levels, reduce your blood pressure, and regulate other important bodily processes. The link below shows you how to use this type of breathing which may help. 

Abdominal Breathing for Relaxation 

Unhelpful Thinking and Alternative Thoughts

Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits. We might favour some over others, and there might be some that seem far too familiar. Once you can identify your unhelpful thinking styles, you can start to notice them – they very often occur just before and during distressing situations. Once you can notice them, then that can help you to challenge or distance yourself from those thoughts, and see the situation in a different and more helpful way. Below is some helpful information on how to use alternative thoughts. 

Unhelpful Thinking and Alternative Thoughts

Self Help for Anxiety

Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It's a feeling of fear or apprehension about what's to come. The first day of college, going to a job interview, or giving a presentation may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous. Sometimes anxiety can become difficult to deal with and we need to learn how to gain control of it. Below is some information on how you can start to help your anxiety while you wait for an appointment with us. 

Self Help for Anxiety

Aim for a Healthy Life Balance 

Balanced living means considering all aspects of your life: relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being. We all get bogged down with work and family responsibilities from time to time, but making time for yourself is necessary so that you can keep up with all your responsibilities. All batteries get run down, even yours. So recharge your body physically and mentally and make the commitment to enjoy some “you time” every day. We have attached some information on how to aim for a healthy life balance through achievement, connection and enjoyment. 

Are you experiencing Social Anxiety? Want to learn skills and gain experience to reduce its impact on your day-to-day life?

Join our upcoming Social Anxiety group. Starting Tuesday, February 14th.

This small group will include a maximum of six students plus two members of our team.

In a safe & comfortable environment you will learn skills to help you reduce your social anxiety.

We know a group setting is really challenging if you feel social anxiety AND it's the very best environment in which to learn and practice easy skills and build your social confidence.

To join the next available group, please e-mail [email protected] to let us know you're interested. Please contact us by Thursday February 9th in order to join the group beginning February 14th.

Further groups will be offered throughout the Semester.

Make an appointment with a Counsellor

This psychologist led service offers a safe, inclusive environment in which students can meet on a one-to-one basis with a member of our team to work towards resolving emotional or psychological difficulties. Appointments are offered via zoom when it is not possible to meet in person.

To make an appointment please contact us via one of these routes:

 T: 051 302091 

 E: [email protected]

Book an Appointment

Please use your SETU student email account when emailing us or filling in our online booking form. For data protection reasons we can only schedule appointments via your student e-mail address. If you are in need of urgent support, please make that clearly known to us at the time of requesting your appointment. To enquire about an urgent assessment appointment, please contact the service by e-mail or phone.

In addition to one-to-one psychological counselling we also offer:

  • A range of group psycho-education interventions
  • Therapeutic group support specific to areas of psychological or emotional concern identified by a class group or other group of students
  • Access to the Togetherall online information and peer support platform.

For further information please contact [email protected] or call 051 302 091.

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