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This programme was co-designedand is delivered in partnership withCarlow College. The Higher Diploma inJournalism and New Media Content isa programme designed to attract, trainand educate a cohort of individualswho wish to have careers as writersin the cognate fields of journalism,media and communications; anywherewhere precision and facts are vitalto the success and empowermentof employers, audiences anddemocracy.

The programme is alsoaimed at those already working inmedia and journalism who mightwant to engage with deeper viewsand new methods to improve andexpand their practice. Each module isdesigned to provide a comprehensiveeducation and training in the skills,competencies and knowledge neededto become a journalist and/or mediacontent creator.

Students will learn toconstruct stories factually, engagingly,and appropriately for different mediaplatforms and audiences. Students willgo beyond the mere training neededto write accurately in the journalisticmode and further their practice byengaging with advanced academicwork to unveil deeper knowledgeabout the theory and practice ofjournalism and media writing.

What subjects will I study ?

  • News Gathering and Reporting 1
  • Feature Writing
  • Media Law, Values and Ethics
  • Media Entrepreneurship
  • Reporting and Publication
  • Broadcasting
  • Digital Journalism and Storytelling

Entry Requirements

All applicants will be considered on a caseby-case basis. Applicants who do not havea Level 8 qualification at a 2.2 award leveland who have relevant work experienceand or other certificates and qualificationsmay also be considered through theUniversitys RPL procedures.
Relevantprofessional experience may be consideredand individuals will be assessed on a caseby-case basis through RPL procedures.
Institute of Technology Carlow reservesthe right to require applicants to attend forinterview to determine their suitability forthe programme.

Study & Career Opportunities

It is recognised that the journalismand media landscape is undergoingenormous changes and that traditionalcontent, consumers and modes ofproduction are evolving rapidly. Thestructure and content of the HigherDiploma in Arts in Journalism andNew Media Content recognizes theneed to prepare graduates for thesechallenges. The ability to reflect onones own practice is a core elementof many modules.

Students willalso learn the entrepreneurial skillsneeded to run their own writingorganisation, which is a necessaryaddition in a very competitive andevolving market. Additionally, themodule in digital platforms andstorytelling will open the studentwriters minds to the possibilitiesoffered by the global media networkof journalism platforms. It willfacilitate their transition from writerto expert disseminator of facts, andmaster of the exposition of storiesfor appropriate audiences. Theirwork and approaches will be imbuedwith an understanding of the need tounderpin their activities with acceptedjournalism values, practices andprofessional behaviours.