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What is this Programme about?

Validated by South East Technological University SETU Carlow campus, the Level 8, (25 credit), certificate programme is offered as a blend of online and onsite delivery. Delivery methods may include interactive workshops, in-session discussions, presentations, and group-based activities. The programme will commence in August 2022 and students will attend bridging studies sessions before commencing classes in early September. The principle aim of this programme is to develop strategic as well as practical skills in the area of operational management. The programme will provide the student with the knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of a leadership and operation role and this will elevate them within their roles in terms of competence and the assignment of responsibility. It will also increase participation in key decision making in operational processes and provide learners with a cross-disciplinary education in the broad areas of protection of persons and property, together with a strategic knowledge of operational management and leadership.

Learners will undertake the following modules:

  • Practical Leadership for Enhanced Performance

  • Project Management & Communications

  • Strategic Management of Operations

Who is this programme for?

The primary target learner groups are those employed in an EmergencyServices or Blue Light roles. However, applications from other sectors will beconsidered on a case-by-case basis.

Students unable to attend the Level 8 honours degree programme, mayregister for either of the following minor awards:

Certificate in Leadership & Operational Management / 25 ECTS / Level 8
Certificate in Advanced Incident Command Management / 10 ECTS / Level 8

Course Delivery

Classes are delivered using a hybrid approach involving a combination of pre-course reading, pre-recorded classes, live and onsite classes.

Online Support

Students will have full access to a range of supports available online and through Blackboard, our virtual learning environment. These include our new online programme, PACE, which is designed to support students to access and effectively use library resources in order to complete assignments. Additional supports include an Academic Writing Centre and Maths Support Centre, freely available to all students.

Entry Requirements

Applicants who are over 23 years of age are eligible for entry onto the programme as mature students. Those under 23 years must meet CAO entry requirements for higher level education.