SETU sees the growing need for talented athletes to successfully juggle both their academic and sporting responsibilities and promotes their holistic development. The Sports Scholarship programme at SETU helps realise this aim. With the help of a network of support services and experience, the Sports Scholarship programme is an athlete-led development strategy that is adapted to each athlete's unique requirements. The programme is continuously growing, and students have received sports scholarships in a wide range of sports. Additionally, SETU is dedicated to fostering athletic excellence among students with disabilities.

The SETU Scholarship Programme assists high-performance athletes in their overall development. The programme supports high-calibre athletes striving for sporting success while providing the opportunity to reach their maximum potential both in their sport and in their academic careers. Our comprehensive Sports Scholarship Programme has seen SETU student athletes competing at the very top level of student sport. The programme is categorised into Elite Sport Scholarships, Sport Scholarships, and Emerging Talent, along with external scholarships offered by Munster GAA, Carlow GAA, PFAI, Waterpark RFC, GPA, UPMC Victory, and Bausch & Lomb. The scholarship programme offers talented athletes a network of support resources and knowledge targeted at their specific requirements. Through these tailored resources, we aim to help recipients excel athletically, intellectually, and personally.

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