The staff and students of South East Technological University are deeply concerned by the humanitarian disaster which is unfolding in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. SETU has established a task force to see how we can best work with local and national authorities to play our part in supporting Ukrainians at this time. Work is ongoing in terms of student admissions and supports, accommodation, facilities, fundraising and other supports, and SETU will do all it can at this dark time for the people of Ukraine.

It is clear that SETU must take a flexible, accommodating, supportive approach, and work with HEIs across the sector, and particularly the Ukrainian community itself, to respond effectively. To this end, the SETU Taskforce, Chaired by Dr. Allison Kenneally, Vice President for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, will build upon work already underway in Carlow, Waterford and Wexford to date. The taskforce will be responsible for ensuring a coherent and coordinated approach and plan to SETU actions in response to this crisis and will be guided first and foremost by the Ukrainian people in the South East, whose needs are central to this activity. Engagement with the Ukrainian community to identify their needs on an ongoing basis is critical to frame a suitable response and will underpin the work of the taskforce.

To assist with the work of the Taskforce, SETU now wishes to recruit Ukrainian Refugee Engagement Officers to work with the university across its campuses to ensure that the Ukrainian community is central to our actions.

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