South East Technological University (SETU) is a multi-campus university with campuses located in Waterford, Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow and Kilkenny. The Positions currently advertised on this platform are for SETU Waterford Campus.  To view the list of all campuses and their locations, please click the following link.

Please see live opportunities in the table below. We hope to have 30 more PhD opportunities in June of this year, they will be available on many of our campuses. Each advert will clearly state the home campus for each opportunity.


Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate on application that they meet SETU’s English language requirements and provide all necessary documentation. See Page 7 of the Code of Practice. In order to be shortlisted for interview, you must meet the SETU English speaking requirements so please provide evidence in your application.

Minimum Entry Requirements for PhD or Research Masters : Honours Degree (minimum 2:1) in the specific area or related area (see each advert sheet) for specific criteria. 

To apply for scholarships, please download the  Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form and return completed applications to [email protected] with the relevant Reference Code. Please ensure to use the relevant reference code in subject line of your email.  

Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form
Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form

Live Opportunities 

Funded Opportunity TitleClosing Date and TimeLink to download full PDF advert
MSc Scholarship in Nursing and Healthcare “Balancing patient safety and autonomy; interrogating the data using a national database (Reference Code: WD_2022_61_Spons)Weds 28th of June 2023 @4PM Irish TimeClick here to download the full PDF advert
Understanding how to scale integrated exercise practitioners in mental health in Ireland (Reference Code: WD_2022_65_WSCH)Weds 28th of June 2023 @4PM Irish TimeClick here to download the full PDF advert

Safeguarding and Risk Governance in Healthcare: exploring best practices and decision making (Reference Code: WD_2022_64_Spons)

Weds 28th of June 2023 @4PM Irish TimeClick here to download the full PDF advert
An examination of gameplay and cardiovascular demands of recreational pick-up soccer in men over 30 years old (Reference Code: WD_2022_60_WSCH)Weds 28th of June 2023 @4PM Irish TimeClick here to download the full PDF advert

30 Upcoming SETU PhD Opportunities 

Adverts will be posted here from the 12/06/23- once the advert link is Live you can apply for the PhD post.  

To apply for scholarships, please download the below Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form and return completed applications to [email protected] with the relevant Reference Code. Please ensure to use the relevant reference code in subject line of your email.

Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form
Graduate Studies Competitive Funded Application Form

Code ProjectDetails_Title                 Closing Date and TimeLink to download full PDF advert Area 
WD_2023_33_WSCH Understanding economically marginalised young adults exclusion from digital-first Government Services: An ethnographic journey

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
WD_2023_65_WSCH Passive, pushy or pivotal? - Advancing the understanding of youth sport parental engagement. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
WD_2023_30_WSCH An Investigate of the function of Inner Development Goals (IDGs) in the advancement of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), using Multimodal Interdisciplinary Research Workshop Design, with Leaders from 20 SDG NGOs based in Ireland Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
WD_2023_36_WSCH The need for policy change and regulation regarding the stability of food supplements for human health. Behavioural & Health Sciences
WD_2023_34_WSCH Shining a light on success: Utilising implementation science to enhance the reach and adoption of the ‘Ireland Lights up’ walking initiative Behavioural & Health Sciences
WD_2023_39_WSCH REACH - Resources for Exercise and Active Living in Cancer Survivors Behavioural & Health Sciences
WD_2023_37_WSCH A Cross-Practice Study: Exploring General and Mental Health nurses’ skills, competence and educational needs when providing care to Individuals living with Autism Behavioural & Health Sciences
WD_2023_41_WSCH Network facilitated farmer innovation capability development Business and Social Science
CW_2023_07_WSCH Building a More Sustainable Ecosystem of Sustainable Finance for SMEs: An Exploratory Study of European SMEs Business and Social Science
CW_2023_09_WSCH Exploring the need, potential and challenges of extended reality (XR) applications in education practice in a Technological University through an action research intervention in design education Education and Training
CW_2023_10_WSCH Play and creativity in the primary school context (Focus on ages 8-12): an exploration of characteristics, processes and implications for curriculum development Education and Training
CW_2023_11_WSCH Factors influencing the uptake of the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE) among Traveller families Education and Training
CW_2023_12_WSCH An evaluation into the role of Internationalisation in Higher Education and its contribution to Global Social Responsibility Education and Training
WD_2023_45_WSCH Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education (AI4Ed): Theorizing the Potential of AI to Reconfigure Teaching & Learning and Increase Knowledge Democratisation of Higher Education Education and Training
WD_2023_42_WSCH Towards the Effective Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Irish Tertiary
Education System
Education and Training
WD_2023_44_WSCH Learners’ Perspectives of Environmental Sustainability in Tertiary Education in Ireland Education and Training
WD_2023_46_WSCH Automated Music Therapy for Anxiety and Depression Management in Older People ICT
WD_2023_48_WSCH Characterisation of fretting wear and fatigue in helically wound cables used in offshore renewable energy production Engineering /Material Science
CW_2023_17_WSCH HyReS Wetlands: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Irish Wetland Ecosystem Mapping and Monitoring Engineering /Material Science/ Sensors
CW_2023_15_WSCH Trustworthy, Efficient, Explainable, and Interpretable Machine Learning Robotics Control Using Artificial Intelligence Augmented Environmental Sensors Engineering /Material Science/ AI
CW_2023_18_WSCH Aeroelsatic Fatigue Load Analysis of Large Offshore Wind Turbine Blades with Leading Edge Erosion Engineering /Material Science
CW_2023_14_WSCH Investigation of High Strain Rate Properties of Erosion-Resistant Viscoelastic Coatings for Improved Lifetime Predictions for Wind Turbine Applications Engineering /Material Science
CW_2023_66_WSCH GABBI: Generation and Analysis of Bioplastics from and for the Brewing Industry Engineering /Material Science/Bioplastics
WD_2023_51_WSCH Cyber security and digital resilience in health services – an exploration of the use of immersive technologies in the provision of gendered and effective cyber security immersive trainings for healthcare professionals ICT, Digitisation & Computing
CW_2023_23_WSCH Sustainable Deep Neural Networks for Machine Translation. Integrating Terminology Translation into Neural Machine Translation: The Social, Cultural and Political Importance of Words & Phrases ICT, Digitisation & Computing
CW_2023_25_WSCH Investigating the biology, ecology, population variability, and potential for herbicide resistance, of Bromus spp., to design integrated weed management strategies Life Science Biology
CW_2023_26_WSCH Investigating ecosystem interactions to safeguard soil health for sustainable communities using a transdisciplinary approach (BIOSOC) Life Science Biology
WD_2023_59_WSCH Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging of Low Dimensional Materials Life Science Chem/Pharma
WD_2023_60_WSCH Ocular Nano-Therapeutics through Engagement and Developmental Research Originating from PPI ONE-DROP Life Science Chem/Pharma
WD_2023_57_WSCH Development and Analysis of Deep Eutectic Solvent based Formulations for Transdermal Drug Delivery of Model Therapeutics Life Science Chem/Pharma

Why choose SETU ?

SETU  (formerly WIT and IT Carlow) is a university-level education institution in the south-east of Ireland. It has over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff, and it supports a thriving research culture. Areas of R&D expertise include ICT, bio-pharma, eco-innovation, materials science, regional development, and health sciences. Over the past 10 years, the university has successfully attracted over €139m in research funding from various sources. Researchers at SETU have obtained funding from the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) cycles 3, 4 and 5; Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Frontiers Programme and the Principal Investigator Programme, and various European funding programmes including eTEN and InterReg. In addition, there are three Enterprise Ireland (EI) funded Technology Gateway Centres in the areas of applied materials research, telecommunications research, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. SETU Waterford has has an established track record of success in the various European Framework Programmes (FP), having obtained funding in FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and most recently Horizon 2020 (H2020). SETU Waterford was the leading Irish Institute of Technology in terms of funding drawdown under the H2020 framework programme.”

As a result of its work on collaborative research projects, SETU  has built extensive alliances with leading industrial and academic partners across Europe. In working with local SMEs, the university plays a significant role in the South-East region’s economic development by creating an eco-system of research, industry and entrepreneurship. SETU Waterford also encompasses a purpose-built centre for commercialisation and business incubation in its ArcLabs facility, as well as dedicated research support and technology transfer offices.

Excellent research and training in a supportive environment

SETU  has a "HR Excellence in Research" designation from the European Commission. This award acknowledges SETU Waterford as a stimulating work environment for researchers, providing attractive working conditions and equipping researchers with the broad skills and experience necessary to develop their research careers. Read more about our HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). We continue to hold this award.

SETU offers a range of training under the Structured PhD programme including but not limited to ethics, GDPR, research integrity, statistics, practical pedagogy, academic writing and entrepreneurship. Doctoral candidates can also avail of the Broaden our Horizons and Odyssey Mentoring programme and scholarship recipients gain experience in lecturing undergraduates. Research Integrity training is offered to all postgraduate students conducting research activities. Grant writing workshops are also provided throughout the year by the RO and are advertised on our events page. The Postgraduate Research Forum (E: [email protected]) enables sharing among peers, and we have many coffee mornings and networking sessions throughout the year.