Fees & Entry Awards

SETU will launch its new fee structure for 2024/2025, differentiating between classroom and laboratory fees. Details of what fee rate applies to which will be reflected on our fees website in due course.

SETU undergraduate fees range between €13,500-€14,500 for full time undergraduate fees.

SETU postgraduate fees range between €14,000-€15,000 for full time postgraduate fees.

We will be assessing applicants to full time programmes for 2024/2025 based on entry criteria and offering entry awards. These awards range from €3,000 to €5,000, further demonstrating our commitment to supporting students in their academic journey.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence

We are launching scholarships for academic excellence aimed at identifying and supporting talented students to full time programmes. These will require a standalone application once a student receives an offer to a course.

Applications will be open to students from early 2024. Our goal is to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for deserving scholars from around the world.