South East Technological University is a place which is constantly welcoming and producing new ideas.

We aim to establish South East Technological University as a place which is constantly welcoming and producing new ideas.

This goes beyond simply what we teach. Using the expertise of our academics and research groups, we plan to work with ambitious companies and institutions in our region to deliver new thinking, businesses and services.

We are looking to establish our community as a hub for ambitious businesses, and a destination for employers looking for talent, ideas, and space to grow.

The south east region has huge potential in a number of sectors. We have built partnerships with these industries, making SETU a catalyst for regional growth and success. We are also active globally, with research partnerships and collaborations that have an impact in Europe and beyond.

For several decades, our Waterford and Carlow campuses have built reputations for postgraduate and cross-disciplinary research. We are building on this strong start to create a space for research and innovation that brings together students, researchers, entrepreneurs and major companies.

Research at SETU Carlow

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Research at SETU Waterford

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