Designed around you

Our courses are designed to provide you with the skills you need in your future path. But we are constantly evolving how and what we teach, based on input from employers - and our students themselves. We aim to understand how you learn best, and deliver teaching that fits.

A place to grow

Our SETU campuses have the facilities you need. We offer advanced classroom environments and labs with spaces to deliver practical and group projects. Our sports and performances spaces also give you the freedom to train your body, your mind, and your imagination.

Experience counts

Our lecturers believe in the importance of experience, as well as knowledge. Our courses contain many practical elements as well as assessments - and you will learn from people with years of insight in their respective fields. Our links with industry also mean you will be able to gain experience through placements and work-based projects.

Informed by research

We want to ensure that the ideas we teach are always up-to-date. Our teaching is informed by the latest thinking and research worldwide. On our campus, you will interact with people who are delivering impactful research - which may encourage you to consider a research career of your own.